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Purdue Football Recruiting: 2019 In-State Offers - Offense

Coach Brohm has offers out to a lot of in state prospects.

NCAA Football: Foster Farms Bowl-Arizona vs Purdue Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

The class of 2019 is just as important as this years class. This year, was essentially Coach Brohm’s first recruiting class at Purdue that he was in charge of, it set the foundation for the next 4 years. But, this 2019 class is the building blocks that can take us over the edge.

Coach Brohm has put an emphasis on the state of Indiana since day one. In 2018, we have three commits from the state coming in - Branson Deen, Lawrence Johnson and Elijah Ball.

According to 247 Sports, Coach Brohm and his staff have offers out to 12 in state kids already. If we could get anywhere between 5 to 7 - I would consider that a win for the state of Indiana. But, it will not be easy, with surrounding powers such as Ohio State and Michigan trying to pluck our best players. It also appears that Iowa has started a pipeline into the state of Indiana. Also, you have IU whose head coach was a former Indiana High School HC at Ben Davis - it will be an uphill climb for Purdue to win Indiana, but is doable.

Now, to the offers.

David Bell - 6’2”, 185 Pounds, Wide Receiver, Warren Central HS (Indianapolis, IN), 4*

Other Offers: Ohio State, Michigan, Iowa, Indiana, Louisville, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Penn State

Bell is considered the number one prospect in the state of Indiana. The Junior has started on the varsity level at Warren Central in both Football & Basketball since his freshman year. That is no small feat as WC sends athlete after athlete into Division one programs. It appears as Ohio State is the front runner here, but never count Coach Brohm out.

Sampson James - 6’1”, 210 Pounds, Running Back, Avon High School (Avon, IN), 4*

Other Offers: Arkansas, IU, Iowa, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Tennessee, Wisconsin

James is the definition of a power back. He reminds me a lot of Markell Jones in high school. He is a big play waiting to happen. Coach Brohm got in early on James, before last season even started. With his size, he is ready to play in the B1G already. He is another priority state recruit for Purdue. On 247 Sports there are 3 predictions for him, all leaning Ohio State.

Eli Pancol - 6’4”, 185 Pounds, Wide Receiver, Pendleton Heights (Pendleton, IN), 4*

Other Offers: Indiana, Duke, Iowa, Ball State, Louisville

Pancol is a big bodied receiver that Coach Brohm has show a liking too. 247 shows that he really likes IU at this point, but it way too early to tell. Pancol is a receiver that can go up and get it at any point in the game.

Bryce Kirtz - 5’11”, 170 Pounds, Wide Receiver, Brownsburg HS (Brownsburg, IN), 3*

Other Offers: Boston College, Duke, Cincinnati, IU, Michigan State, Iowa, Northwestern

Kirtz’ recruiting is just kicking off. He is the perfect definition of a slot receiver, he runs great routes and gets open across the middle always. Look for his recruitment to heat up over the late spring and early summer.

Craig Young - 6’5”, 200 Pounds, Fort Wayne Wayne (Fort Wayne, IN), 3*

Other Offers: Indiana, Ohio State, Iowa State, Wisconsin

Young is a huge wide receiver. He is an absolute beast though. Any time Ohio State offers, the kid is legit. Craig has deep threat ability at all times to go with his great size. Another wide receiver that Coach Brohm is after. It will be hard to pull him from OSU - but worth the shot.

Joe Tippmann - 6’6”, 285 Pounds, Bishop Dwenger HS (Fort Wayne, IN), 3*

Other Offers: Committed to Wisconsin - he will be going to Madison.

Justin Britt - 6’4”, 285 Pounds, Offensive Tackle, Warren Central HS (Indianapolis, IN), 3*

Other Offers: IU, Iowa, Cincinnati, Louisville, Michigan State, Minnesota

Another player from state power house Warren Central, Britt is an absolute animal. His recruiting is starting to pick up with getting some power 5 offers. Britt has shown interest in Purdue already. Britt could be a player that would be developed at Purdue and make an impact early on.

Caleb Shaffer - 6’5”, 310 Pounds, Offensive Guard, Carmel HS (Carmel, IN), NR

Other Offers: Ball State, Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan

Shaffer is seeing his recruiting pick up as of late. Brohm has given him an offer now. The big offensive guard from Carmel is raw, but he could be a very good talent. Carmel is another state power house that produces D1 talent year in and year out, Shaffer is no exception.

That is it for in state offers on the offensive side of the ball. As you can see, Coach Brohm is still out offering receivers all over. If we can get a couple of these guys for 2019, it will be the making of a great 2019 class.

The guys who have offers from Ohio State will be hard to get, but it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try. David Bell is a great player that would be a class changing commit if we can get him to come here.

Look for the in state defensive offers tomorrow.