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Purdue Lands #1 Seed in Early March Madness Rankings

Despite the two tough losses Purdue holds at the 1 line

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

The Selection Committee for the NCAA Tournament gave a sneak peek at their week midway through February today. The Committee announced the top 16 teams and despite two losses this week from our beloved Boilermakers they still remain on the #1 line currently sitting at #4 overall.

This would obviously be huge news for Purdue as a good seed and good bracket can make all the difference come March/April. Perhaps it’s because we are Purdue fans and we pay attention to them more than any other team but it always seems like Purdue finds a way to run into a buzzsaw of a team in March. Being a 1 seed would hopefully delay any such buzzsaw.

The Selection Committee was even nice enough to follow these tweets up with a nice explainer for how they arrived at these choices. You can take a look at it here, but my favorite part is excerpted below.

Going into the week, Virginia, Villanova and Purdue had a combined 42-game win streak rolling. Since the latest AP Poll was released, those teams are 2-4 with losses to St. John’s, Virginia Tech, Michigan State and Ohio State.

But the Wildcats, Cavaliers and Boilermakers are still on the 1-line in the committee’s eyes, which shows how far ahead of the pack they were before this recent skid. Sure, their margin for error is smaller from now on. But there isn’t a team on the 2-line with a legitimate argument to jump any of those squads – yet.

I know everyone is a bit down after these last two games, with good reason, but there are still plenty of games to play. In addition to playing for seeding in March Purdue still needs Ohio State to lose at least one game so Purdue can pop back into first in the conference because I desperately want a repeat conference title. One game at a time from here on out.