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Tyler Trent Receives Disney Spirit Award

We’re still #TylerStrong and Cancer Still Sucks

NCAA Football: Purdue at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

I ad mit I am tyoing this through tears. After the end of a tense Purdue basketball win over Maryland I was finally able to watch the presentation of the Disney Spirit Award. it is given annually to the most inspirational individual or team in college football. Tonight at the Home Depot College Football Awards show in Atlanta our own Tyler Trent was presented with it. Here is the video:

I mean... how can you not be inspired by Tyler? It is clear he is in decline as the cancer continues to ravage his body. In his column today with the Indianapolis Star he went into detail what happened with his kidneys before the Ohio State game. He only has one arm working now, but he was able to be there today and even said, “I’m not worthy.”

I continue to be touched by his humility in the face of all this. That is why he inspires me. He is going to serve until his final breath, but his impact will carry on. You got the sense that David Blough was more honored to be out there with him than Tyler was to receive the award. And when they revealed he was wearing Craig Sager’s shoes? Well...

As an added bonus, Purdue’s win over Maryland means we get a block P on Scott Van Pelt’s head.

Barring a miracle, Tyler doesn’t have much time left, but I believe that the people he has inspired have kept him going this long. It is an honor to have him as a Boilermaker, but it is an even larger honor to see him inspire so many others.