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Purdue Football Recruiting 2019: What’s Left? (Update)

One last look at the 2019 Recruiting Board

NCAA Football: Big Ten Football Media Day Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The early signing period for football starts December 19th, so I thought I would give you guys one more update. Purdue is pretty much done with this class barring any late additions.

The only really drama around early signing day will involve 4* LB, Cam Williams. Other than that, I think Purdue is pretty much set, and the only excitement left will be waiting on David Bell on January 5th.

I’ll try and put together a 2020 board in the next few days, because that’s where the staff is focusing their attention right now. It’s all about playing defense on the 2019 class and trying to bring in a few early commits to get things off on the right foot for 2020.

Note: You’ll find updated information labeled Update. The updated information will also be in italics.

Here’s what’s left on the board (right now) by position:

QB - Filled

RB - Filled

TE- Filled


David Bell - 4* (94) - 6’2, 185 - Indianapolis, IN

Leader - Purdue

Top 5 - Indiana, Purdue, Iowa, Ohio State, Penn State

This is the one everyone is excited about, and for good reason. David Bell is an elite wide receiver and Purdue is a school that knows how to feature an elite wide receiver. The fact that Rondale Moore is having a historically good freshman year for Purdue has helped our chances with Bell. Brohm is more than willing to incorporate a freshman into the passing offense, and Bell has the talent to play right away. I wouldn’t get too cocky about Bell just yet though. He’ll take all 5 visits to his top schools and he was enthralled with Penn State early in the year, so much so, that several experts thought he was going to commit sooner rather than later. If Ohio State makes an all out push, that could also be troublesome, but I understand they’ve had a few issues with their WR coach / Recruiting coordinator recently. Got to think that moved the Buckeyes back a few notches.

Bell will announce on January 5th.

Update: Things have changed significantly since October. Purdue is now the odds on favorite to land Bell, and frankly, I would be shocked if ends up elsewhere at this point. Having an elite player at an all-star game put on the Purdue hat is always good for business.

Milton Wright - 4* (92) - 6’3, 200 - Louisville, Kentucky

Leader - Purdue

Top 5 - Purdue, Louisville, Kentucky, Ohio State, Alabama

Purdue benefits greatly from Louisville being garbage with Wright. A good Louisville team may have been difficult to beat, but Louisville is not all. Kentucky can’t successfully throw the ball forward, which also helps Purdue. The Boilers are currently trending in the right direction for Wright, and he might commit to the Boilermakers sooner rather than later. The OSU and Bama may look worrying, but I’m not sure either are commitable. The OSU one might be, but I don’t think they view Wright as a priority. If he tried to commit to Bama today, I’m guessing he would be told to sit tight and wait a few months. Adding a player like Wright to this class would give Purdue one of the top WR classes in the nation. Adding Wright and Bell would most likely put Purdue at the very top, and that’s not a place I thought I would ever see the Boilermakers.

Update: Milton Wright is now committed to Purdue. As I mentioned in October, if we can add both Wright and Bell, Purdue will have one of the top WR class in the nation.


Kaleb Boateng - 3* (85) - OT - 6’4, 295 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Leader (Update)- Maryland

Top 3 (Update) Maryland, Arizona, FAU, USF

Boateng has been all over the board, but the experts believe he’s trending towards Pitt. Purdue, however, is in his top 3 and might be able to sway him with a solid close to the season. That said, he’s already visited Maryland and Pitt and has yet visit (or schedule a visit that I know of) to Purdue. It will be interesting to see how the coaching staff plays this.

Update: Boateng is no longer on Purdue’s board.

- 3* (85) - OT - 6’8 - 315 - Algonquin, IL

Leader - ?

Top 5 - Illinois, Iowa State, Minnesota, Purdue, West Virginia

Price is a mammoth tackle prospect that Purdue had on campus this summer. He doesn’t say much on social media and no one appears to have an idea about where he may end up. I certainly wouldn’t consider Purdue a favorite, but it appears the Boilermakers are still in the running. He’s an interesting prospect because he’s unlike anyone else on the roster in terms of size and seems to go against the current offensive line recruiting trend.

Update: Price is committed to Western Michigan.

Kyle Jornigan - 3* (86) - OG - 6’4 - 320 - Youngstown, OH

Leader - Kentucky

Top 3 - Kentucky, Purdue, Ohio

This is one where Kentucky being good at football for a change hurts our chances. It appears that most experts have Kentucky pegged as his destination. He was always considered a Kentucky lean, but the Wildcats current season, he appears to be a lock for UK.

This is where things start getting interesting, because Purdue has 3 O-Line recruits currently on board, and I’m guess the coaching staff would prefer 5. I’m just no sure how we get there with our current offers, so this part of the recruiting board is in the most flux. I wouldn’t be surprised if the staff is still doing late evaluations with even later offers to some under the radar prospects to follow.

Update: This is a huge update, because Jornigan is now committed to Purdue. I would still prefer 5 OL takes in this class, but getting Jornigan as a interior lineman makes that a little less important.


JJ Weaver - 4* (89) - 6’6, 240 - Louisville, KY

Leader - Kentucky

Top 4 - Kentucky, Louisville, Miami, Purdue

This is another case of Kentucky hurting our chances. Originally, Weaver was thought to be a Louisville lean, but with the current state of the Cardinal program, it appears he is looking elsewhere. Kentucky, unfortunately, offers him a viable in state alternative. The experts have him breaking hard to UK with an October 20th visit to Lexington looming. Honestly, I don’t think Purdue is in this, but I hope I’m wrong. Either way, with Karlaftis and Hunter on board, this is still an amazing DE class for the Boilermakers.

Update: Weaver is committed to Kentucky.

UPDATE (New Addition)

Keith Randolph - 3* (87) - 6’5, 270 - Belleville, IL

Leader: Michigan State

Top 4: Michigan State, Illinois, Iowa, Purdue

Randolph is an intriguing defensive line prospect. Purdue really needs another defensive tackle in this class, and I think that’s where he would end up if he committed to Purdue.

That said, I doubt he commits to Purdue.

The Boilermakers did manage to get an in-home visit, but I think they’re probably running third right now, and there isn’t much time. He would be a welcome addition to the class, but this is probably going to be a case of too little, too late.


Ben Smiley - 3*(88) - 6’4, 265 - Chesapeake, VA

Leader - Virginia Tech

Top 5 - Virginia Tech, Virginia, Purdue, Penn State, Tennessee

This is by far the most important defensive player left on the board in my opinion. Defensive tackle is one of the toughest positions to recruit for teams like Purdue, and if the Boilers can bring in two highly rated prospects in the same class, I’ll be impressed. Smiley fits perfectly as a disruptive 3-Tech in Holt’s scheme, which may be why the Boilermakers seem to be getting some traction. He has a visit scheduled to West Lafayette for November 17, which surprised some folks. More likely than not, he stays home at either Va Tech or UVA, but getting him on campus at least gives Purdue a punchers chance.

Update: Smiley is committed to UVA


Cameron Williams - 4*(89) - 6’3 205 - Merrillville, IN

Leader - Indiana (maybe)

Top 2 - Indiana, Purdue

Williams is another guy that’s playing it pretty close to the vest. It appears that IU may have a slight advantage over Purdue, but that’s just conjecture and reading tea leaves on my part. He has an official visit scheduled for Dec 7th at IU and, as of yet (and as far as I know), doesn’t have one scheduled to Purdue. That could mean something, but it could mean absolutely nothing. It’s not hard for him to get to either school. Adding an athletic linebacker like Williams would be great, but Purdue has a couple in the fold right now. I would consider Williams a luxury and not a make or break player for this class. That says, I really like what Williams can do and I hope we can get him on campus.

Update: Williams still has everyone guessing. There are rumors that grades might be an issue, but I have nothing to confirm that. Indiana is the supposed favorite, but you’ve got to like how Purdue stacks up to Indiana right now. Purdue has his last visit on December 14th, so the coaching staff will have the chance to seal the deal.

Williams is scheduled to commit December 18th.

CB Filled


Jalen Graham - 3* (86) - 6’2, 207 - Detroit Michigan

Leader - Purdue

Top 3 - Iowa State, Minnesota, Purdue

Graham, like current Boiler commit Mershawn Rice, is listed as an “athlete” by the recruiting services but I’m fairly confident Purdue is recruiting him to play safety. Adding Graham with current Purdue commit Marvin Grant would put Purdue in a great position at safety for years to come. Having two athletic, play making safeties on the back end of the defense would allow Coach Holt to get a little more aggressive in the front 7. He has an official visit scheduled to Iowa State on Oct 27th, so Purdue still has plenty of work to do if they want to bring Graham into the fold, but he’s been considered a Purdue lean for a while. The fact that Grant is also from Detroit certainly helps Purdue’s chances.

Update: Graham is committed to Purdue.

You’ve got to be excited about the future for the safety position. Purdue has two quality safety prospects in this class and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Graham/Grant combination on the field sooner rather than later.