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Purdue Football Recruiting: Wide Receiver Commits 2019

This is becoming a luxury at this point and one more may be added.

Ohio State v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The 2018 wide receiver class has worked out well. Even if Rondale ends up being the only starter from the group.

Rondale, the All-American as a freshman, the Paul Hornung Award Winner has made playing wide receiver at Purdue sexy again. Like it was under Coach Joe Tiller. Rondale is arguably the best wide receiver we have had since Dorien Bryant - no, he is already better.

But, other 2018 wide outs included Amad Anderson, Kory Taylor and Jordan Bonner - all players who redshirted and could play the outside wide receiver spot in the coming years.

But, back to 2019.

So far, we have three guys that can play wide receiver, two who fit the outside receiver spot in particular and one who will add to the loaded slot receiver position with Rondale Moore and Jackson Anthrop.

So, who are the three guys coming in?

First, we have T.J. Sheffield.

Sheffield is coming to us out of the heart of Tennessee, the talented slot receiver was once a short term Notre Dame Commit. After some confusion, he ended up where he should have been all along, a Purdue Boilermaker.

During his senior campaign, Sheffield had 75 catches for 1550 yards and 16 touchdowns, playing both the slot receiver spot and outside wide receiver positions. T.J. will be very good for us, a lot of the time we are in four wide receiver sets where we need two slot receivers on the field at the same time.

If he can bulk up, even just 15 pounds, he could at least see the field on special teams, but at 165 pounds he is a little too light for the B1G, get up to 180-185 as a slot guy and he will be much more durable.

Next, lets take a look at Milton Wright

Wright is ready to play, right now. The 6’3” outside receiver might be the most talented player of the 2019 class. Over his career, he had more than 2,000 yards receiving at CAL. Rumor is, Milton is already up to about 200 pounds to get ready for his first year at Purdue.

Coach Brohm plucked Milton right out of Louisville territory, similar to what he did with Rondale last year. Milton will fit nicely in the offense, as he can be an underneath wide receiver, but also blow the top off of the defense. Think of a more explosive Jared Sparks.

With Zico leaving there is an immediate need at the outside wide receiver spot.

Lastly, we have Mershawn Rice.

Rice is listed as an athlete and could also have a chance to play defensive back. But, I do believe Purdue recruited him as a wide receiver. Rice is another candidate to fill the void at outside wide receiver.

He is a big possession type of guy who can go up and get the football. He had over 400 yards receiving his senior season.

Lets go ahead and do a plus one.

The last big time target for 2019 is going to make his announcement at the Army All American Game, similar to what Rondale did last year. David, is now ranked up to 70th in the nation.

One high school coach told me he is the best wide receiver he has seen come through the state of Indiana, ever. He has been coaching for over 30 years.

Bell is an absolute beast and is an impact player from day one if he chooses to be a Boilermaker.