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Purdue Football Recruiting: Quarterback Commits 2019

There is one talented quarterback coming in for 2019.

Wisconsin v Purdue Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The top 25 class for 2019 is so anticipated across all of Boiler Nation.

The early signing period is right around the corner, so, lets start looking at each position and who has committed to these spots.

Purdue is in great shape for 2019, I think you will see similar results with 2020 as well, as the Boilermakers just got a ton of publicity, again, with Jeff Brohm deciding to turn down his Alma Mater to stay put in West Lafayette, because he just isn’t done rebuilding yet.

For Quarterback, we have a kid coming in that went to the same high school as Nick Sipe, our redshirt freshman quarterback.

Piferi, from Villa Park, which is right outside of Los Angeles, is a prototypical pro style quarterback. At 6’5”, 210 pounds, he has a build similar to Elijah Sindelar coming out of high school.

Similar in more ways than just size also.

Now, Paul has wheels too, he can run. In his Junior year of High School, he ran the 100 Meter Dash at a time of 11.21 seconds, that is flying. That would put him in the top 20 of the state of Indiana, when looking at the Indiana State Track and Field Results.

So, he is an athlete.

But, back to his skills as a quarterback. Watch some of this film.

Now, this is a highlight tape, so, you mostly see the pros of his game.


1- Accuracy - Paul has a nice touch on deep balls. He throws the seam route to perfection, which is a positive, as it is a staple of the Jeff Brohm offense. He also has a strong enough arm to throw those tough deep out routes to the outside,

2- Ability to Scramble - As previously mentioned, Paul runs an 11.21 100 m dash, so not a real surprise that he can scramble a bit. He sees the rush coming quickly and recognizes that he can scramble to get some easy yardage.

3- Pocket Presence - Paul not only can scramble, but he likes to stand in the pocket and throw the ball all over. It is very Sindelar like in my opinion. Sindelar stands strong and tall in the pocket to throw the ball all over. Paul can feel the pocket well too and step up when needed.

Paul, we are excited to have you as a Boilermaker in a few short weeks. Boiler Up!