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2019 NFL Playoffs: Which Boiler Can Get a Ring?

The NFL playoffs are next week, so who can get that elusive ring?

Super Bowl XLIV Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The NFL Playoffs are all but set. The Colts and Titans are battling for the final playoff spot and we know what the winner’s seed will be. That begins the race to see which Boilermaker can get a Super Bowl ring. Last year Jason King kept the “Purdue in the Super Bowl” streak alive by being a member of the Patriots’ practice squad. Here is who has a shot this year:


1 Seed Kansas City ChiefsNo Purdue players on roster

2 Seed New England Patriots – Ja’Whaun Bentley – It has been a rough rookie year for Bentley. He won the starting MLB job out of camp, but played in only three games before being put on injured reserve. Still, if the Patriots get a sixth Super Bowl win, he gets a ring. At the very least he has a chance because New England always makes the AFC title game.

3 Seed Houston Texans – Dave Steinmetz – Steinmetz only spent 2017 in West Lafayette after being a graduate transfer Rhode Island, but he started all 13 games at right tackle. This year he was a late season addition to the practice squad in Houston.

4 Seed Baltimore Ravens - No Purdue players on roster

5 Seed Los Angeles Chargers - No Purdue players on roster

6 Seed Indianapolis Colts - No Purdue players on roster


6 Seed Tennessee Titans – Dennis Kelly, Kevin PamphileOne of the few teams in the NFL with multiple Purdue players, Kelly is a starter on the offensive line at tackle while Pamphile is in his 5th season and is on injured reserve.


1 Seed New Orleans SaintsDrew BreesBrees has already broken two all-time NFL records and a single season record this year. He has a great chance at earning his first league MVP award and with the Saints playing at home throughout the playoffs a second Super Bowl is a strong possibility. At this point he is just adding to his Hall of Fame plaque.

2 Seed Los Angeles Rams - No Purdue players on roster

3 Seed Chicago Bears - No Purdue players on roster

4 Dallas CowboysAnthony BrownBrown is a starter at cornerback in his third season and has had a pretty good year. He has 38 tackles, 2 sacks, and an interception. He even had a big play today to preserve their win over the Giants

5 Seed Seattle SeahawksJordan RoosRoos is a second year pro and is currently on the practice squad in Seattle.

6 Seed Philadelphia Eagles - No Purdue players on roster