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Purdue Football: Way Too Early 2019 Depth Chart

A way too early look at a potential depth chart for 2019.

NCAA Football: Music City Bowl-Auburn vs Purdue Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 football season is now officially over, ending with a 6-7 record. Not too bad, considering most tapped us out at 4 wins this season. Mane didn’t think we would win a game after starting the season 0-3, with one of the losses to Eastern Michigan.

But, that is not what this football team was. They were fighters. They had enough grit and fortitude to fight all the way back, even upsetting three ranked teams, to get to bowl eligible for the second straight season.

Sure, yesterday was not what we wanted. But, according to 247 Sports, Auburn has the 17th ranked team based on talent and well, we are ranked down at 71st. We exceeded expectations and Auburn did not meet theirs.

Ask any Auburn fan, they were not happy about blowing Purdue out in the Music City Bowl, they were pissed they were in that bowl in the first place. At one point, they were 4-1 and ranked #7 in the nation, with their only loss being to LSU. Then, they went on a slide and finished the season with a 3-4 record, to finish 7-5. Now, their 5 losses were a bit different than ours, as three of them were to Alabama, LSU and Georgia.

Enough of that though, lets get to the point of this post, a way too early look at our depth chart for next season. Again, we are starting to build depth, finally, but there is a bunch of underclassmen that will have to play next season.



Elijah Sindelar - Fifth Year

Jack Plummer - RS Freshman

Running Back:

Tario Fuller - Fifth Year

Alexander Horvath - Sophomore

Richie Worship - Fifth Year

Wide Receiver (X):

Jared Sparks - Junior

Kory Taylor - RS Freshman

Amad Anderson Jr. - RS Freshman

Wide Receiver (Z):

Milton Wright - Freshman

Jordan Bonner - RS Freshman

Keyron Catlett - Sophomore


Rondale Moore - Sophomore

Jackson Anthrop - Junior

Tyler Hamilton or T.J. Sheffield - Sophomore or Freshman

Tight End:

Brycen Hopkins - Senior

Darius Pittman (Situational Blocking Tight End) - Junior

Payne Durham or Kyle Bilodeau - RS Freshman or Freshman

Left Tackle:

Grant Hermanns - Junior

Eric Miller - RS Freshman

Left Guard:

Mike Mendez - Senior

Will Bramel - RS Freshman


Viktor Beach - Sophomore

UHHHH - Undisclosed

Right Guard:

D.J. Washington - Sophomore

Kyle Jornigan - Freshman

Right Tackle:

Matt McCann - Senior

Mark Stickford - Sophomore


Weak side End:

Kai Higgins - Senior

Robert McWilliams - Sohpomore

Defensive Tackle:

Giovanni Reviere - Sophomore

Steven Faucheux - Freshman

Nose Tackle:

Lorenzo Neal Jr. - Senior

Lawrence Johnson - RS Freshman

Strong Side End:

George Karlaftis - Freshman

Jeff Marks - Sophomore (I believe he played in more than 4 games this year)


Cornel Jones - Junior

Ja’Quirius Smith - RS Freshman


Markus Bailey - Fifth Year

Jaylan Alexander - Sophomore


Derrick Barnes - Junior

Cornel Jones - Junior

Corner Back:

Dedrick Mackey - Sophomore

Jacob Abrams - Sophomore

Corner Back:

Kenneth Major - Sophomore

Jordan Rucker - RS Freshman

Nickel Corner:

Simeon Smiley - Junior

Strong Safety:

Marvin Grant Jr. - Freshman

Brennan Thieneman - Junior

Free Safety:

Navon Mosley - Senior

Cory Trice - RS Freshman


J.D. Dellinger - Junior (RS this year)


Brooks Cormier - Freshman

I love the depth that we are building all over, but we are very young at places. I am worried about the offensive line and the cornerback position. While we are getting more athletic and better, we are still very young at both spots.

I love the depth at wide receiver. I think these guys will be able to make plays with Sindelar sending rockets all over the place. I also love the tight end position, I think Bilodeau will pair nicely with Hopkins.

At linebacker we are getting older and will need to stat healthy there again for a productive season from those three, Jaylan Alexander could potentially back up all three spots.

Again, this is a way too early look at the depth chart, and I really have no idea how it will shake out, but this is my best guess. Beat Nevada!