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Purdue vs. Auburn - Music City Bowl Predictions

Can Purdue pull out another win to finish 7-6?

NCAA Football: Purdue at Indiana
Honorary Captain Tyler Trent will be in attendance.
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Jumbo Heroes (6-6):

I’ve gone back and forth all season about this team. As the season began I thought that 6-6 was the best case scenario. Then Purdue lost their first three games and I wondered if maybe 3-9 was more likely. Then Purdue started beating ranked teams and I thought maybe 8-4 was possible. Eventually things evened out and the team exactly met my expectations though not in the way I expected at the start of the year. Tomorrow Purdue faces a 7-5 Auburn team that I’m sure their fans would describe as a disappointment. This Auburn team was ranked #9 in the preseason poll. Sure, I hear you, preseason polls aren’t worth the pixels they are seen on and I agree, but these rankings are largely based on talent level so it seems clear Auburn has some talent on the field.

I’m most worried about the line play of Purdue and if they can hold up against the strong offensive and defensive lines of Auburn. I know that Auburn is dealing with some injuries at this point but I just don’t know if it’s going to be enough to help Purdue. I trust Nick Holt and Jeff Brohm to come up with game plans to play to Purdue’s strengths and to mitigate the talent disparity between the teams. Where Purdue should have an advantage is with a guy you might’ve heard of, Rondale Moore. I’m not sure there’s anyone in the nation who can truly cover Moore. The question is can the rest of the receiving corps thrive in the face of the attention that Moore will earn? If they can it really opens the offense up and gives Brohm a chance to work his magic with the play calling.

I’m expecting at least one trick play to be run that could swing the balance of the game if Purdue succeeds. Auburn is going to be a heck of a challenge but I’m looking for a pro-Purdue crowd and the brilliance of Jeff Brohm to carry Purdue to a hard fought victory in Nashville.

Purdue 41

Auburn 35

Travis (6-6):

I think we’re going to have some fun with this bowl game. I just saw the tweet from Jeff Brohm with him on the waterslide and it is clear the team is going to enjoy this trip. I think the playbook will be opened up. David Blough is going to come out gunslinging and I think the offense has a good day. As long as the offensive line holds up and keeps him clean I think the offense has a good day. Unfortunately, I think our own defensive line is going to have a rough day, but we could see a shootout a bit like last year’s bowl game vs. Arizona.

Purdue 34

Auburn 31

Juan (4-8): (editor’s note: Juan picked against Purdue in the IU game.)

I expect this to be a close low-scoring-ish game. Probably could be a coin toss to determine who wins. Let’s try that out. *flips coin* damn it...

Purdue 27

Auburn 28

Holmes (5-5):

I’ve doubted us at times this season, but we always seem to pull through. So I’m going to believe in Brohm, Blough, and Tyler and say we win 35-28, in a reversal of the hot chicken eating contest. Also, Jumbo Heroes will watch and enjoy the game with his wife and family and nothing bad will happen, all is forgiven.

Purdue 35

Auburn 28

Kyle (4-6):

Purdue Vs Auburn, world championship in Nashville. Or, maybe just the Music City Bowl. Either way, this is big for our program. I think we will struggle to move the ball early, but then settle down. Their offense doesn’t really scare me too much.

Purdue 27

Auburn 24

Casey (?-?)

Brohm is staying. Tyler is going to the game. We’re bringing magic to the music city bowl. Don’t care about any x’s pr o’s, this team and this season has been about defying the odds and unbelievable moments.

Purdue 32

Auburn 18

Chris (the new guy, @AMSTS):

A few big trick plays help keep Purdue competitive with a good Auburn team, and a late game-winning 2 point conversion seal it.

Purdue 35

Auburn 34