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Bowl Game Drankin’: Red Clay Brewing

Auburn, Alabama does not have its own brewery, poor bastards.

Denver Broncos Fans Watch Super Bowl 50 Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

When it comes to our bowl game brewery post the Deep South is gonna Deep South. Lafayette has at least four independent breweries operating, but in the land where dry counties still exist, there is not a single brewery within the city of Auburn, Alabama. The nearest is Red Clay Brewing in nearby Opelika, a full 8 miles from Jordan Hare Stadium. The poor souls at Auburn have that far to go for craft beer compared to a mere 2.3 miles from Ross-Ade Stadium to Lafayette Brewing Company.


Red Clay Brewing



Red Clay Brewing celebrates its southern hospitality and has a full service taproom with pizza and beer, two things that go together perfectly. They are closed on Mondays and Sundays, but open the other five days of the week. They currently offer seven beers and a cider according to their website, and here is what looks really good:

Big Swamp Stout Oatmeal Stout - Full of coffee and chocolate notes, this oatmeal stout is a little dryer than most. Along with the lower ABV, you can have a few without feeling you’ve been drinking stout all night.

Half Time Hefeweizen - This is our version of a traditional German Hefe. Try it, we know you will love it.

Southern Bumpkin Sweet Potato Brown - This brown ale is strait from the South. We load our mash with sweet potatoes to give this beer a sweet earthy characteristic that you haven’t had before.

Mackenzie’s Scottish - With peat smoked malts from Scotland and a high gravity of 10% ABV, this complex beer has notes of smoke, candy sugar, and dried fruits.

They also have some seasonal offerings available, at least according to their Twitter feed. If you’re in the area this place definitely looks like it is worth a look.