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Purdue Football Recruiting: Whats Next? The Class of 2020

The 2019 class is basically signed, so who is in store for 2020?

NCAA Football: Purdue at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Most of the 2019 class is inked now. We are waiting word on a few players, Jacob Wahlburg, Chase Triplett and you know, David Bell.

Coach Brohm has inked the best Purdue Football Recruiting class ever, as Purdue lands in at number 25, good for 5th in the B1G, behind Michigan, O$U, Penn State and Nebraska, all which are considered “blue bloods”.

So, what is in store for 2020? Here is a list I have compiled on players we should look out for early this spring and summer, that may commit. This is all speculation, I got offers from and took players who are high on us or “warm”.


  • Parker McQuarrie - 6’7”, 210 Pounds, 4*, Concord, New Hampshire

A tall, gun slinger. Sound familiar? It is about every Qb that Brohm goes after. I think Parker ends up as a Boilermaker. He has an unreal arm.

Running Back

  • Jutahn McClain - 5’10”, 175 Pounds, 3*, Fairfield, Ohio
  • Tee Hodge - 6’1”, 200 Pounds, 3*, Maryville, Tennessee
  • Marcellus Moore - 5’8”, 175 Pounds, 3* Plainfield, Illinois (Wide Receiver/Running Back)

Of this group, Moore is the most interesting to me, he reminds me of, well, Rondale Moore. About the same size with track speed. I think he would end up more as a slot receiver than a a running back. His high school plays him all over. I also like the other two backs, they reminds me of King and Da’Joun that we just signed.

Wide Receiver

  • Abdur-Raheem Yaseen - 6’1”, 185 Pounds, 3*, Walled Lake, Michigan
  • David Baker - 6’2”, 190 Pounds, 4*, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Jaden Thompson - 6’2”, 175 Pounds, 4*, Chicago, Illinois

There is word that Baker has asked David Bell about his Purdue recruitment already, even though Bell has yet to commit. Yaseen is an explosive wide receiver that can play the slot or outside spot. Thompson is a real deep threat on any given play.

Tight End

  • Elijah Yelverton - 6’5”, 230 Pounds, 3*, Dallas, Texas
  • Drake Dabney - 6’6”, 225 Pounds, NR, Cypress, Texas

Coach Brohm loves his athletic tight ends, he uses Hopkins more than Herdman for that reason. He signed Durham in 2018, this year he signed Garrett Miller and Kyle Bilodeu, both ultra athletes at the position.

Offensive Line

  • Trey Leroux - 6’8”, 290 Pounds 3*, Norwalk, Ohio (OT)
  • Randy Holtz - 6’7”, 310 Pounds, 3*, Fort Wayne, Indiana (OT)
  • Tyler Elsbury - 6’5”, 275 Pounds, 3*, Byron, Illinois (OG)
  • Dallas Fincher - 6’4”, 275 Pounds, 3*, Grand Rapids, Michigan (OG)
  • Josh Fryar - 6’4”, 300 Pounds, 3*, Beech Grove, Indiana (C)
  • Gus Hartwig - 6’5”, 280 Pounds, 3*, Zionsville, Indiana (C)

Hartwig seems like the most logical to commit early. The Zionsville product has shown interest early on. The tackles listed are more play ready than most of the tackles we usually recruit, those two guys are massive humans. At guard, they are a little thin, but I really like both of the players. Fryar would be a nice snag as well.

Defensive Line

  • Bryce Austin - 6’2”, 260 Pounds, 3*, Southfield, Michigan (DE/DT)
  • Deontae Craig - 6’3”, 230 Pounds, 3*, Fort Wayne, Indiana (DE)
  • Cole Brevard - 6’3”, 280 Pounds, 4*, Carmel, Indiana (DT)

Brevard seems like he wants to leave the state, which would not surprise me, but he is a kid we will go after. Craig out of Fort Wayne seems like he could be a strong candidate to commit to Purdue. Austin is a combo defensive lineman, that Purdue tends to recruit often.


  • Daved Jones - 6’1”, 210 Pounds, 3*, West Chester, Ohio (ILB)
  • Martavius French - 6’3”, 225 Pounds, 4*, Memphis, Tennessee (ILB)
  • Devyn Curtis - 6’2” , 210 Pounds, 3*, Nashville, Tennessee (OLB)
  • Brandon Williams - 6’3”, 225 Pounds, 3*, New Orleans, Louisiana (OLB)
  • Jaheim Thomas - 6’5”, 230 Pounds, 4*, Cincinnati, Ohio (OLB)

Jones makes sense to come here as we signed his former teammate Steven Faucheux yesterday to play for us. Williams will probably be hard to get out of the south, I like our chances with all of the other mid west guys.

Defensive Backs

  • Sammy Anderson 6’2”, 175 Pounds, 3*, Dayton, Ohio (CB)
  • Hunter Sellers - 6’, 175 Pounds, 3*, Atlanta, Georgia (CB)
  • Ryan Brandt - 6’1”, 205 Pounds, 3*, Angola, Indiana (S)
  • Tamarion McDonald - 6’2”, 215 Pounds, 3*, Memphis, Tennessee (S)

These guys all fit the mold that Coach Holt wants at defensive back, long, tall and athletic. Brandt has been recruited by Purdue heavily and seems to be a lean to us.