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Purdue Football: Boilers are Headed to Nashville

Purdue will be playing in the Music City Bowl to face Auburn.

Wisconsin v Purdue Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

We have been waiting all day.

The bowl release show on ESPN has to be the worst thing ever. Selection Sunday is even quicker.

But, after all of the waiting, with watching the Colts play terrible, it was finally released just moments ago from the Purdue Football Twitter Page.

After the initial announcement, we finally found out who Purdue would be playing:

This will certainly be a challenge for Purdue, but this is not the typical Auburn team we’ve seen in previous years. They have wins over Washington and Texas A&M, but overall struggled in the SEC this year.

This will be the first ever meeting between Auburn and Purdue, as well. This will be the second team this season that Purdue has faced for the first time in program history, the first being Boston College.

The game will be played on December 28th, giving the Boilers just over three weeks to prepare for the bowl game. This should be a great opportunity for Purdue Fans to see the Boilermakers in action in a bowl game. Last year, it was difficult with the game being in California. This year, the drive is manageable with a straight shot down I-65 for most fans. Heck, stay a few days and spend the New Year down there.