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Purdue Recruiting: Stats Update

Purdue recruits are putting up some impressive stats.

Ohio State v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

TJ Sheffield - WR - 4* -5’10, 170

Independence High School - Thompson Station TN

Stats Through 11 Games

Receptions - 71

Yards - 1418

Receiving TD - 15

Rushing Attempts - 22

Yards - 113

Rushing TD - 4

Kick Return Yards - 277 (1 TD)

Punt Return Yards - 84

Total All Purpose Yards - 1892


Sheffield is a do “do everything” type player for his high school. He runs the ball, catches the ball, returns kicks, and even plays some corner for the defense. He looks like a perfect fit for the slot position in the Purdue offense. You can use him in the quick passing game on option routes and as a running option out of the jet motion. Sheffield was a huge pick up for the Boilermakers and is living up to his 4* billing.

Mershan Rice - WR - 3* - 6’2, 200

Reynoldsburg High School - Reynoldsburg, OH

Stats Through 11 Games

Receptions - 22

Yards - 462

Receiving TD - 5

Rushing Attempts - 4

Yards - 41

INT - 3


Don’t be discouraged by Rice’s numbers. His team has some issues at QB and doesn’t throw the ball all that much. It also appears that he’s missed 3 games this season. Rice big , strong athlete that tends to make the most out of his opportunities. I’ll be interested to see how his career goes at Purdue.

He’s got the tools to play both receiver and safety. He has 3 ints and 1TD return this season from his safety spot. He’ll start his career at receiver, but it might take him a little while to get up to speed after playing in a somewhat remedial passing offense in high school. If receiver doesn’t work out, I’m sure he’ll have an open invitation to join the secondary. Either way, he’s an exciting athletic specimen that hasn’t scratched the surface of his potential yet.

Paul Piferi - QB - 3* - 6’5, 215

Villa Park High School - Villa Park, CA

Stats Through 11 Games

Passing Attempts- 175/278 (63%)

Yards - 2607

TDs - 22

Ints - 6


Piferi is a prototypical pocket passer. He likes to sit back in the pocket and throw the ball all over the field. At 6’5, 215 pounds, he looks and throws like Sindelar. He’s got serious arm talent and will come into Purdue physically ready to compete. The quarterback room at Purdue could be extremely interesting next season, with several talented options fighting for a chance to play.

Da’Joun Hewitt - RB - 3* - 5’11, 195

Davidson Academy - Nashville, TN

Stats Through 11 Games

Rushing Attempts - 201

Yards - 1672

Rushing TD - 29

Receptions - 11

Yards - 123

Receiving TD - 1


Watching Hewitt’s high school film reminds me a good bit of watching Markel Jones’s high school film. Hewitt is the best athlete on the field and it doesn’t look like has has to try particularly hard. Sometimes it’s hard to evaluate those types of players, but Hewitt appears to have elite speed and cutting ability. Purdue won’t have a change of pace back like Hewitt on the roster next year, so if makes a quick adjustment to college football, I expect to see him on the field.

King Doerue - RB - 3* - 5’11, 205

Tascosa High School - Amarillo, TX

Stats Through 11 Games

Rushing Attempts - 113

Yards - 933

Rushing TD - 14

Receptions - 10

Yards - 131

Receiving TD - 2


Doerue basically plays in a run only offense. His stats are little misleading, because even though he’s the leading rusher on the team, another back has 38 more attempts. It appears that they try to save King against lesser opponents.

Doerue is a powerful runner with legit top end speed. It doesn’t appear that he registers arm tackles at all, and once he’s in the clear, he has good vision and will cut back to make the big play. It’s funny to watch defenders try and take an angle on him, only to get to get to the spot 2 yards after King. This was a huge pick up for the Boilermakers.

Garrett Miller - TE - 3* - 6’5, 230

Round Rock High School - Round Rock, TX

Stats Through 11 Games

Receptions - 21

Yards - 403

Receiving TD - 4


Miller is the second leading receiver on a team that doesn’t throw the ball much. I don’t have much else on Miller because I can’t find any film in the usual places. He says he likes to block, and it certainly appears that catching the ball isn’t an issue. Purdue needs a tight end to come in a play next year, and Miller has the size to compete.

Kyle Bilodea - TE - 3* - 6’5, 240

Woodberry Forest, Woodberry Forest, VA


None Found


I couldn’t find any stats for Kyle, but his film is incredible. He can play as an inline tight end, or can flex out into more of a slot position. He runs a nice post and slant route, and catches the ball well in traffic. He looks like player that can come into the Purdue offense and catch on quickly because Brohm likes to use similar routes with his tight ends. In fact, gives a good indication on why he chose Purdue because he is a perfect fit for what Purdue likes to do with their tight ends. He has the potential to be the next great tight end coming out of Purdue.