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Purdue Football: What Did We Learn From #BrohmWatch2018

We learned we won, first of all.

Purdue v Indiana Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Brohm Watch 2018 is officially over.

Thank God.

Coach Brohm has decided he wants to win at Purdue University. Great decision for him, our players and our university as a whole. But, there are plenty of things that we learned from this entire saga. Here are my top five things.

  1. The Louisville Fan Base is delusional. - This is obvious. For weeks, they clamored that Jeff Brohm was going to their next head coach. They openly ran their mouths on social media to anyone that had the word Purdue in their bio. I still have a few guys to tweet who were in my mentions 10 days ago, I will get that done today. They are delusional for a couple of reasons. One, they truly believe the ACC is better than the B1G, lol. Secondly, they believe that UL is a step up from Purdue, which just isn’t true. Maybe 4 years ago when we had the previous staff and they had Lamar Jackson. History shows though, we have more wins as a program, more bowl victories, more players in the NFL, a better winning %, do I need to keep going? Delusional.
  2. Fake news is real, Louisville media. - At about 11 AM Friday, UL media was reporting Jeff Brohm was holding a team meeting at Purdue to break thew news, which in fact, was false. Multiple Purdue outlets fact checked those fools and put them in their place. Purdue media compared to UL media was really laughable during this entire saga. The Purdue media was calm and made sure facts were correct. A tip of the hat to Gold and Black, Journal and Courier, Mike DeFabo and the Indy Star during all of this.
  3. Jeff Brohm believe he can win at Purdue. - If Coach Brohm didn’t believe he could win at Purdue, he would have left. He will get another extension, for probably a couple of more years. We have shown a commitment to Football and he has reciprocated with a commitment to us. He had a top 50 class for 2018, for 2019 we will have a top 25 class. With our style of offense and defense, this will remain a constant, top 25 recruiting classes. There are already a plethora of offers out for 2020. While our non conference schedule isn’t soft (Like a school in Bloomington) it will get us ready to compete for a B1G West title and a B1G title in the coming years.
  4. The commitment to football is the highest it has ever been. - I liked Morgan Burke, I didn’t like that he didn’t believe football was worth investing in. Bobinski has come in and changed the culture in two short years. August 2016 he was hired, Hazell was fired in October, Brohm hired in December. Performance Complex complete, Bowl victory in year one of Brohm, pay raise for Brohm and staff, Bowl berth in year two, beat out UL to retain Coach Brohm, plans for another raise, Ross-Ade renovation plans. This is since August 2016 when Bobinski was hired. enough said.
  5. We love our head coach and this entire staff. - The Purdue community feared losing Coach Brohm and this staff. We love them, we love their work ethic, their down to earth personalities, the way they represent Purdue and their grit. They will make it work at Purdue. I can’t state how excited I am for the future of Purdue football.

Also, please enjoy this.

Boiler Up!