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Purdue Football Tweets: Angry Louisville Edition


Ohio State v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Did big news happen last night? Did our head football coach decide, he is going to stay with us?

Yes he did.

This turned ugly fast from Louisville fans on Twitter and their comment sections of their 247 sports page. Funny, really. It went from two weeks of them running their mouths to every Purdue Twitter and page, two actual weeks of this, saying we had no chance. To then all of the sudden he isn’t worth the money , he isn’t that great of a football coach, he doesn’t deserve to come home.

Take it to the chin, he likes us more.

Enjoy my angry edition of Louisville Tweets.

Then, you have his high school, Louisville Trinity closing, well because the people of Louisville are lunatics.

If you find more angry or funny tweets, please add in the comment section!