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Brohm-Watch 2018: Decision Day

It’s D-Day

NCAA Football: Eastern Michigan at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Brohm is gone to Louisville.

Jeff Brohm is staying at Purdue.

Jeff Brohm is leaving to coach the Toronto Argonauts.

Jeff Brohm is replacing Matt Painter as basketball coach.

Jeff Brohm has accepted the Democratic Nomination for President in 2020.

Jeff Brohm has set up a military junta and has taken over West Lafayette and Tippecanoe County with martial law.

I say all of these statements are true based on my sources, which is to say I am throwing crap at the wall because i know absolutely nothing. I don’t have sources of any kind. Sure, I can get media credentials and such, but I also have a day job and don’t have the time to camp out in West Lafayette. My conversations with coach Brohm have been extremely limited in his short time in West Lafayette, so I know nothing.

I do believe, however, we will have a resolution some time today. GBI, the Indy Star, and the Louisville Courier-Journal all are pointing to today as the day that everything is settled. We know now that he met with Louisville officially yesterday. That was always going to happen. The recruiting site 247 says he is still out recruiting for Purdue in the Chicago area today, so I have to say that is a good sign.

I think it is a good sign he is still out there shilling for Purdue even after meeting with Louisville. I don’t think he would be doing that if he was leaving, but again, who knows.

I still think there is one person only that knows what is going on for sure and that is Brohm himself. I have seen a lot of indications he would stay, including his comments after Saturday’s Indiana game, his continued recruiting for Purdue, and even the fact his meeting yesterday occurred in Indy and not Louisville itself. There are a lot of things in our favor here, but again, we know NOTHING for sure.

Personally, I am about 60/40 on him staying. He has a lot of good reasons to stay, but I know Louisville is home and that has a great draw for him. I can understand it is a tough decision, but I really feel like the timing has been off all along. Had this happened two years from now I would be more concerned, but he has made a lot of progress here at Purdue and there is a promising future ahead. Going back to a 2-10 Louisville would be a major step back and he would have to rebuild all over again.

It would also be somewhat disastrous on the recruiting front for us. The early signing period begins three weeks from today. We have a top 25 rated class and it is a game-changer. It is a critical class to continue building Purdue and it could be wrecked with very little time to recover if he leaves. Conversely, who would be up against the same deadline at Louisville, too. Louisville is currently ranked 76th with only 9 commitments, and while he would certainly pick up a few guys at the last minute, it wouldn’t be a mass exodus of guys.

Again, I have no idea what is going to happen. My heart wants him to stay because if he does and we get this class signed in 3 weeks, some very good things can happen going forward, especially if it leads to a similar class next year. My head says he is a loyal guy and he wants to finish what he started without leaving his recruits and current players high and dry.

But again, I don’t know.