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Brohm Watch: Day 2

Yep, still waiting

It’s day 2 of our now yearly vigil when it comes to Jeff Brohm. Here is what we know so far.

“You know nothing. In fact, you know less than nothing. If you knew that you knew nothing, then that would be something, but you don’t.”

I really cannot stress that enough. We know absolutely nothing, and anyone who says they know something aside from Brian Neubert at GBI or Rick Bozich at the Louisville Courier-Journal is lying. Remember, there was a certain commentator out of Indianapolis that said we were going to have a press conference yesterday... unless he changed his mind... which he might. He wasn’t the only one, either, as whoever the hell Kent Sterling is said he was practically gone weeks ago.

Everyone has “sources” that are ironclad. All you need to do is look across message boards and everyone has a “source” that a deal is done. Laughably, I saw one post yesterday that said Brohm had not even seen a deal with Louisville, but was expected to sign immediately when it was presented.

Well, we don’t have sources, and we admit that we know nothing. Louisville has not announced a press conference, so he is not their coach. Purdue has not officially made a statement, so it is still up in the air. The only thing we know is that he is out recruiting for Purdue today and has in-home visits scheduled. To me, that is a good sign. If he was definitely going to Louisville yesterday was the day to do it. Since there was no announcement that means it was not the slam dunk some thought it would be. Coach Brohm also said all he right things after beating Indiana on Saturday.

With some of the secondary names leaking out for Louisville like Barry Odom it seems to me that people re trying to soften the blow if and when Brohm turns them down. Again, however, we know NOTHING definitively. There are only a few people I trust here:

Matt Rector - He is Purdue’s football SID and would likely be behind any official announcement from us. Mike Bobinski falls in here.

Vince Tyra - He is Louisville’s athletic director and while he has said he is pursuing Brohm, he has never said it is a done deal.

Jeff Brohm - When he appears to speak somewhere, anywhere, we’ll post it.

Rick Bozich - The Louisville reporter is as closely tied in as anyone possible for this.

Brian Neubert - Neubert is an all-star over at GBI and only posts information that is relevant. He doesn’t speculate, either.

That’s it. End of list. If you hear anything from anyone else don’t trust it.