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Jeff Brohm Watch: Meeting With Louisville?


NCAA Football: Ohio State at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

We knew this would happen, the chatter is starting to increase.

That certainly is more than we have known for the last three days. Supposedly, Jeff Brohm is talking to Louisville as I write this.

We expected this at some point. We are all impatient and want an answer now. I really expected it to happen as he has stayed in the mid west to recruit these past couple of days. He was in Indianapolis yesterday and was Ohio bound today, with a pit stop in Indianapolis again.

Now, this means nothing, obviously, but it isn’t great.

Bozich also Tweeted a few minutes ago.

Now, none of us actually know what is happening. As always, do not listen to what we say, wait for an official announcement from Purdue, Louisville, GBI, Bozich or Pat Forde.

We will continue to update the ongoing situation with Coach Brohm.