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College Basketball Rankings November 26: Purdue Moves Up to 19.

A lot of teams lost in Feast Week tournaments.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round: Purdue Boilermakers vs. Cal State Fullerton Titans Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Last week here was not a lot of movement among the top 25 because very few teams lost. The plethora of Feast Week tournaments, however, thinned that group quite a bit. Several teams experienced their first loss of the season, but it still means Purdue has a very tough week ahead with road games at two ranked opponents. Purdue did move up slightly on its own, however, and is in the top 25 for an 19th straight week. and 70th time in the last 71 polls.

  1. Gonzaga (32) 1,590
  2. Kansas (31) 1,584
  3. Duke (1) 1,486
  4. Virginia (1) 1,396
  5. Nevada 1,329
  6. Tennessee 1,284
  7. Michigan 1,213
  8. Auburn 1,129
  9. Michigan State 1,111
  10. Kentucky 1,022
  11. North Carolina 943
  12. Kansas State 936
  13. Virginia Tech 921
  14. Iowa 599
  15. Florida State 581
  16. Ohio State 511
  17. Texas 486
  18. Oregon 439
  19. Purdue 387
  20. Texas Tech 380
  21. Buffalo 351
  22. Wisconsin 253
  23. Villanova 217
  24. Maryland 170
  25. Mississippi State 161

This poll makes it official that Purdue has four consecutive games against top 25 opponents, a stretch we will not likely face at any other time this year. We’re either going to take a huge jump with a 3-1 or better run or fall completely out with a 1-3 or worse mark. Only one of those games is at Mackey Arena, too. To make matters better, since we play Iowa, Michigan State, and Wisconsin when conference play starts back up in January 7 of our next 10 games (and our first FIVE conference games) are all against current top 25 teams.

We’ll find out very quickly how good we are.