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Purdue Wins The Bucket: 5 Things We Learned

The Bucket is back, but, what did we learn?

Purdue v Indiana Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images
  1. Pass early, run late. - I found myself upset in the first half, why aren’t we running the ball more?! I find myself doing this often, as I have a soft spot for D.J. Knox and Markell, I think they are great backs and deserve the carries, but, passing early and running in the 2nd half worked out great this week, compared to last week when we ran to protect the clock and lead, yet, it did not work. Markell was running angry.
  2. We miss you Jacob Thieneman. - For the third straight week, we missed Jacob. The run stuffing safety has been a bigger loss than any of us thought it would be. While Brennan, his brother, has been a good replacement, Jacob is still steps ahead of him. He should be ready for the bowl game, where ever that may be at.
  3. Markell Jones = Bryson Scott - Markell is the IU killer that Bryson was during his time at Purdue as well. Markell had over 200 yards against them last year, this year he was just shy of 100. Did you know, that IU didn’t even offer Markell? He is from Columbus, about 35 minutes from Bloomington and they didn’t even sniff at him. He was Mr. Football for the state of Indiana as well. He looks great in the Gold and Black anyway.
  4. We are going bowling, again. - For the second time in as many years, Purdue will take a 6-6 record to a bowl game. While we still have no idea where we will end up at, Detroit seems like it may happen, if so there would be a huge Boilermaker following. Jeff Brohm, again, has taken mostly Darrel Hazell recruits and transfers to go to a bowl game. So impressive.
  5. IU wants Jeff to leave more than UofL wants him as their head coach. - IU is terrified of Jeff Brohm. He is Tom Allen’s Daddy. There are more IU fans on Twitter saying Brohm is gone than Louisville fans and it is just perfect. From his presser after the game, it seems like he is here to stay, but we really have no idea until the new contract is signed our UL hires a new coach.