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Purdue vs. Indiana Predictions

This is it. For all the marbles.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Purdue
Markel’s final game against IU
Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Jumbo Heroes (5-6)

Well, at the beginning of the season I said best case scenario for Purdue was 6-6. Now they have the chance to beat IU and wind up 6-6 on the season. Yet for me, and most of you if I had to guess, this season FEELS like a disappointment. Purdue beat teams they shouldn’t have and lost games they should’ve won. It’s been a weird season but certainly an entertaining one.

Keep in mind that at this point Jeff Brohm is 12-12 at Purdue. Just .500 and he’s the hottest commodity on the coaching market right now. A win tomorrow against IU would give him a records just over .500. Could that be his final record at Purdue? If he’s going to leave for Louisville, and I don’t think he is, he likely wouldn’t coach the bowl game. This is just one subplot in tomorrow’s game.

I can’t see Purdue losing this game tomorrow. They’ve been completely dominant at times on offense and then seem lost against Minnesota. On defense they’ve been hit or miss and have allowed roughly 700 yards per game through the air. Last week JT(T) for Wisconsin ran for approximately, checks calculator, ALL OF THE YARDS. IU has a solid offense but I’m not sure that they can keep up with Purdue and what I assume will be Jeff Brohm pulling out all the stops. Is this is the end of the Jeff Brohm era I’ll remember it for the fun offense and the ability to bring the program back from the dead. The regular season isn’t going to end in a loss.

Purdue 42

IU 35

Travis (5-6)

I will be going down to Bloomington for the first time since 2014. I have been to a lot of Bucket games down there, but this is one of the few ones where I have no idea what to expect. Purdue absolutely could win. In fact, I think we’re the better team in a lot of ways. I don’t have a good feeling though. I don’t know if it is the current saga with Brohm or the collapse last week against Wisconsin. I am going to pick with my heart, but my head says we could be in for a long drive home Saturday afternoon.

Purdue 34

Indiana 28

Juan (4-7) (editor’s note, should Juan be correct he will be immediately fired.)

Purdue 28

Indiana 31

Casey (?-?)

It’s hard to feel anything but dread with Brohms decision hanging over a whole programs head. Theres something sad and beautiful and right about the idea of brohm signing off his Purdue career with another win over iu. The almost promised land as it goes. Or maybe he stays and this is real love. I’ve been burned too many times already.

Purdue 38

IU 28