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Friday Drankin’: ReUnion Breweing

We might hate Iowa, but we do love beer.

Former Prime Minister Bob Hawke Launches Beer Bearing His Name Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

There is sonly one thing that can possbily thaw all of the hate between Iowa and Purdue: Beer. Iowa fans love to imbibe, sometimes a little too much as evidenced by the Iowa City police blotter after games. I can see why though. Iowa City has a couple of pretty good breweries (and for those REALLY wanting to get buck wild, Wild Culutre Kombucha).

One of those breweries is our feature for Friday Drankin’.

ReUnion Brewery

516 2nd St.

Coralville, IA 52241

The Coralville Strip sounds like the place to be in Iowa City, but I wouldn’t know since it is one of two Big Ten towns I haven’t visited yet. It is only 1.7 miles from Kinnick Stadium, however, so if you’re particularly motived you can probably walk it. Or, you could take Iowa’s game day train.

Here are their top offerings:

ReUnion Lager - 5% ABV, 20 IBUs - Crisp, clean, classic. No fuss, just beer.

Tank Puncher IPA - 7.5% ABV, 50 IBUs - Brewed to honor the act of punching’ tanks. Full of hazy, hoppy, tropical fruit flavors – this is one of our favorites. Go ahead and punch one!

ReUnion Dunkel - 5% ABV, 20 IBUs - Toasty, bready, caramel and hints of cocoa. This dark German lager will have you rolling your lederhosen.

ReUnion Hefeweizen - 4.6% ABV, 12 IBUs - Soft notes of wheat, banana and cloves create this highly drinkable wheat beer.

The Hermit - 10.4%, 25 IBUs - This Belgian Golden Strong will make you feel enlightened. Rustic spice, dripping honey, orchard fruits and grain. The Hermit has chosen YOU.

Black Lager - 4% ABV - German black lager. Malt forward with notes of dark chocolate and coffee. Surprisingly easy drinking with a clean, dry lager finish.

That is just a sampling of what looked good to me. This is definitely a place to stop next season if I finally knock Kinnick off my stadiums list.