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Purdue Vs Wisconsin: 5 Things We Learned

We were forced to learn these things.

Wisconsin v Purdue Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images
  • The trenches were exposed again. - For the second straight week, our defensive line and linebackers were abused in the run game. Wisconsin’s offensive line had a day on our defensive line and our linebackers were blocked with ease. Jonathan Taylor ran for over 300 yards against our defense. A defense that was selling out to stop the run, and we still couldn’t.
  • The Offense was humming through the air - David Blough proved once again why he is the starting quarterback. The senior threw for over 300 yards, again. After a bad game vs Minnesota, Blough turned it around for a memorable senior day performance.
  • Spencer Evans has a solid Senior day - Spencer Evans, who is often criticized did a fanatstic job this past Saturday. With making a couple of chip shot field goals, after the offense being stuffed inside the 5 yard line, and making a 41 yarder in overtime, Evans showed off his performance leg.
  • Defensive help can’t get here soon enough - This ties in with number 1, but the defense has allowed over 40 points two weeks in a row now. Help is on the way with the 2019 class just a few weeks away from signing. A lot of trench help is coming.
  • Red Zone offense. - I am not sure what the heck went on here. We were on the one yard line on two different occasions. Both times it ended with a field goal. The play calling was not very inventive, pretty bland down there actually. When we kicked a field goal to go up 14, instead of scoring to go up 18, I was worried. Field Goals inside the ten yard line do not win football games. This was a prime example of this.