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Thank You Seniors: The Trenches

Thank you to the men who have battled in the trenches!

NCAA Football: Purdue at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Conor Sweeney: The walk on defensive end has been a great practice player for the Boilermakers. Originally from Indianapolis, Sweeney went to Fork Union Military Academy. While Sweeney did not make a huge impact on the field for our Boilers, he was vital on the practice squads for Purdue.

Keiwan Jones: Keiwan Jones was one of the stay overs from the Darrell Hazell classes. While many left, Keiwan decided to stay. Last season, he was getting plenty of playing time, then suffered a season ending knee injury.

This season he has played in 6 games, collecting 9 tackles. While injuries have held him back at Purdue, his outgoing personality has been great for our team. His fortitude is evident as well, as he decided to stay through the change of a coach.

Ray Ellis: Ray Ellis was one of the JuCo transfers when Brohm was hired on. Ray came from the City College of San Francisco. While he hasn’t seen the field a ton, he did make an impact in the Foster Farms Bowl, where he recorded a sack, as he took over for Eddy Wilson.

Bearooz Yacoobi: Bearooz is doing exactly what he came here to do as a Boilermaker, play football and be great at school. He has been an Academic all B1G selection twice. While he wasn’t on the two deep his first three seasons, he has been listed as the back up guard all year.

Bearooz is a smart football player. He isn’t overly athletic, but when he plays he is an effective player. We appreciate you sticking three years out of the dark ages of Purdue Football and being part of the turnaround these last two, Bearooz. Boiler Up.

Eric Swingler: Swingler, the walk on offensive tackle from Indiana. One of the great personalities on the team, he is up there with Kirk when it comes to his sense of humor. Swingler probably never thought he would be in a role to start when he walked on as a freshman. But after injuries the last two years, he has seen starting time at Right Tackle and now he will start his senior day at Left Tackle. Thank you for being a Boilermaker!

Dennis Edwards: The 5th year transfer enrolled this summer. He will play one season here for Purdue. The former all conference player at Western Kentucky stepped foot on campus and was the starting right guard. This was another proactive move by Coach Brohm to fill holes on the offensive line while young talent was developed. Thank you for your contributions this year.

Ethan Smart: The JuCo transfer offensive line came here when Brohm was hired on. As Coach Brohm tried to quickly overhaul the entire offensive line. Ethan hasn’t played much, but has been a reliable back up when called upon. Thank you for being a Boiler.

Shane Evans: The two year guard transferred here from Northern Illinois. He has been a mainstay at left guard since he stepped foot on campus. Evans is exactly what you want in a guard, quick, agile and mean.

He has helped solidify this offensive line the past two seasons as we have gotten younger OL in and started their development. Thank you for being a short term Boilermaker!

Kirk Barron: The Body is one of our four captains for our Boilermakers. He has been a three year starter and has been a damn good one at that. Kirk is an Indiana kid and decided to stay home when he chose his college.

Kirk has played and worked his butt off, to where he could potentially be drafted in to the NFL. Kirk has been the leader on the offensive line that has made a huge turnaround these last two seasons.