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Purdue vs. Wisconsin Predictions

Can Purdue finally put “the fumble” to rest?

Purdue v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Jumbo Heroes (4-6):

The year is 2004. I am entering my first year at Purdue. Purdue starts the season on a five game winning streak including wins AT Notre Dame and AT Penn State. College GameDay comes to town, for the first time ever, along with Cold Pizza, to focus on the marquee matchup of Purdue vs. Wisconsin. Purdue was ranked #5 and Wisconsin was ranked #10. My brothers, my roommate, and I were first in line for College GameDay. I left GameDay by climbing over the fence of the Track and cut my hand pretty bad. It was worth it though because I got to see GameDay at Purdue and I was able to attend the game and watch what I thought would be Purdue football ascend to the top of the nation. It was a day I thought I would never forget. I was right, but for the wrong reasons. We all know what happened since. Purdue football went in the tank and hasn’t come close to those heights since. Purdue hasn’t beaten Wisconsin since 2003. It often isn’t close. After the clunker at Minnesota I don’t know if I think Purdue will come back and play like they did against Iowa and Ohio State or if they will throw another clunker and fall to 5-6. Until Purdue shows me they can beat Wisconsin I’m not sure I believe it no matter how rough of a season Wisconsin is having.

Purdue 21, Wisconsin 28

Kyle (4-5):

Purdue vs Wisconsin.

Yin vs Yang.

Brohmfense vs. Uh, Jonathan Taylorfense (yep)

Purdue will look to get back on track this Saturday in a cold Ross-Ade Stadium. This is important for a plethora of reasons. Reason 1, win and we are back in a bowl game for the second time in as many years. Two, fans need to show out and show Jeff Brohm that we love him with all of the rumors swirling. Three, we need the players to play well to make Coach Brohm believe he can win at Purdue in any circumstance.

It is going to be cold, windy and miserable. But, I think the loss lights a fire under their ass, and we come out victorious.

Purdue 27, Jonathan Taylor 14

Travis (5-5):

I believe in Brohm. I think last week was an anomaly. I think it has been a tough week in practice for these guys and they want to send the seniors out on a positive note. Wisconsin has been very one-dimensional all year and if Hornbook is out they are even worse. Our own offense gets back on track this week and hits on a few big plays. The streak ends, and Purdue gets bowl game.

Purdue 27, Wisconsin 21

Juan (3-7):

I was optimistic about this game up until last week. While Wisconsin has not been good, Purdue has been inconsistent and I don’t even know what to expect. I say Purdue keeps it close, but the defense can’t hold on to get the win.

Purdue 24, Wisconsin 28