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Purdue Football: 5 Reasons Why Jeff Brohm Will Leave Purdue

Lets take a look at the other side, why he may leave.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we looked at reasons why Jeff Brohm wouldn’t leave Purdue. If we didn’t do a post on reasons why he would leave, then we wouldn’t be doing our job.

I really do believe that the ends up staying. But, emotion can play a major role in any decision, that involves completely changing your life.

Here are five reasons why Jeff Brohm will leave Purdue for Louisville.

  1. It is home. - Coach Brohm is from Louisville, he played at Louisville, he has a history there. It is home. Home is hard to turn down. His family is from there too, what if they want to move home? He still has some of his family down there living. Including his Uncle and Dad. His brothers are here with him. How strong of an attraction is it to move and be closer to mom and dad?
  2. The city of Louisville is better than West Lafayette. - This is a true statement and ties into number one. I am not sure how much this plays into his decision, for himself. But, I could see it playing into what his family may want. There is so much more to do in Louisville compared to West Lafayette. But, in reality, how much does that play into the decision? I am not sure, his family seems like the down to earth midwest family that is happy anywhere they go.
  3. Recruiting ties in Kentucky. - He has shown his ties in bringing top talent to Purdue from the state of Kentucky. How about using those ties to keep that talent in state? While the University of Kentucky now seems like the marquee program in the state, it wouldn’t take long for Coach Brohm to start to get that talent to Louisville, but he will have to fight UK off more than ever, as they are on the rise.
  4. Louisville offers a contract he cannot turn down. - We have seen in recent years College Football Programs offer contracts that are just monstrous. What if Louisville offers somewhere in the 6 million range? Can Purdue match that? I think we can with the help of the JPC. But, what if we don’t want to match a contract that large? Purdue has shown their dedication to Brohm and this staff already by giving them a pay raise after 1 year, the BTN money will help out as well.
  5. Louisville has Hired Jimmy Hyams as their Inside Source (Spoof) - The only way this is a lock is if Louisville hires Jimmy Hyams as their inside source to announce Louisville is a lock to hire away Jeff Brohm, similar to his Tweet that said Brohm was a lock to Tennessee last year. Without Jimmy saying it is happening, is it even true? Jimmy knows all! Jimmy has apparently sent out another Tweet announcing Brohm to Louisville.

This Tweet was not doctored.