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Purdue Vs Minnesota: 5 Things We Learned

Yes, we will go back. Ugh.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Lets go ahead and make this quick. I never want to look back at this game again.

5 things we learned.

  1. Purdue is not good enough to just show up & we should know that - I said this after we looked terrible vs Michigan State as well. We aren’t even remotely close enough to just show up and play football. We have to play damn near perfect, week in and week out. If we do not do this, we will not win. I wonder if the bitter cold played a role in this as well, but who cares. We should come ready to play.
  2. 2nd time this season we have a laid an egg after a big win - This kind of ties in to number 1. But, I am not sure if it gets to our head or if the men do not prepare the same way. After a huge Ohio State win, we were not prepped for Michigan State. After a huge win vs Iowa, we looked unprepared against Minnesota.
  3. Elijah Sindelar - Medical Redshirt? - Late in the game, Nick Sipe came in to the game over Eli. This makes me wonder, are we trying to get a medical redshirt for Eli? He played in a few games, did not look the same coming off the ACL, then he also sustained a mid body injury this year before Blough took over full time. If that is what we are trying to do, then we would get two full years as Eli as the starter.
  4. Is Rondale still hurt? - A couple of games ago, Rondale was reported to have not practiced all week, while nursing an ankle injury. Early this game, he got banged up when tackled by the ankle. While he is still our beset player, he relies mostly on speed. He is an Indycar, one little injury can hurt his speed, which makes him mortal.
  5. The defense, is uh, what we expected. - Lets be honest, this defense has exceeded expectations so far this year. But there have been times where they have looked really bad. This weekend was a case of really bad. The stupid penalties came back, especially from Cornel Jones, who has made a reputation of these penalties over the course of the season. When you commit big penalties, you lose, simple as that.