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Purdue Football: 5 Reasons Jeff Brohm Won’t Leave Purdue

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Follow up: 5 Reasons Why Jeff Brohm Will Leave Purdue.

If you have been on the Twitter today, you saw this:

I am here to make you relax a little bit. I have 5 reasons why, Jeff Brohm will not leave our beloved Purdue Boilermakers for his Alma mater, Louisville.

  1. Purdue is so Young - We are 5-5, one win away from a bowl game and you essentially return a ton of players with experience. Rondale Moore, Jackson Anthrop, Brycen Hopkins, Matt McCann, Grant Hermanns, Tario Fuller, Richie Worship, Elijah Sindelar, just on offense. On defense you return everyone, besides, Jacob Thieneman and Antonio Blackmon. This is a team set up for future success, that he has built in two years. Why leave?
  2. Great 2019 Recruiting Class - The 2019 class, a class that he has worked his tail off for, is ranked 22nd in the nation. Why leave that and try to get those guys to follow him? Some will and some will stay and say they love Purdue. Coach Brohm would be starting over, again with recruiting with a short time period for 2019. Currently, the 2019 Louisville class ranks 74th.
  3. Purdue’s Commitment to Football - With the building of the new facility, the contract extension and salary increase in year one, the future plans for Ross Ade renovations, Purdue has shown a commitment to football, under new AD Bobinski. Coach Brohm has said over and over again that he loves how committed we are to football now. The fans have sold Ross Ade out the last two home football games are likely to do it again vs Wisconsin.
  4. Louisville is a dumpster fire - They are still under investigation. Petrino set the football team back 5 years. They are paying Petino and Petrino their buy outs. Paying Mack’s to Xavier, plus his new salary. How much can they really offer him? The athletic department there is just a mess.
  5. He loves Purdue - Jeff has said it so many times, he loves it here in West Lafayette. That people do not realize how great he has it here. We have given essentially unlimited resources to him and he will get another raise this offseason. Coach Brohm loves Purdue and this community.