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Profiles in Badassery: Steve Powell

Damn you cancer.

Steve Powell Twitter

Today, cancer took another. Steve Powell, an Indiana native and former Boilermaker passed away from Brain Cancer.

Steve, who played for Jim Colletto at Purdue from 1993-1994, passed away this morning. Powell was a tight end who eventually played offensive line as well. While there has not been a ton of information released on Steve and it has been hard to find information on him, Steve was a great man from what we have learned from a family friend.

Steve has 3 children. The Tipton, Indiana resident, leaves his wife, Shelly and three kids. According to his Twitter, Steve was a professional pedicab driver.

Cancer is a S.O.B. and plays favorites to no one. The Hammer and Rails Staff are sending prayers and thoughts to Shelly and their three children who cancer took Steve from. Rest in Peace and God Speed, Steve.