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Purdue at Illinois: Depth Charts

Not much change after the bye week.

Purdue v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Coming out of a bye there are often changes to the depth chart even if things are going well. At least with the offense, there aren’t many.


QB: 1. David Blough 2. Elijah Sindelar

RB: 1. D.J. Knox 2. Markell Jones. 3. Tario Fuller 4. Alexander Horvath

WR: Jared Sparks OR Terry Wright

WR: 1. Jackson Anthrop 2. Rondale Moore 3. Keyron Catlett

WR: Isaac Zico OR Jarrett Burgess

LT: 1. Grant Hermanns 2. Michael Mendez

LG: 1. Shane Evans 2. Dennis Edwards

C: 1. Kirk Barron 2. Viktor Beach

RG: 1. Dennis Edwards 2. Bearooz Yacoobi

RT: 1. Matt McCann 2. Eric Swingler

TE: 1. Cole Herdman OR Brycen Hopkins 2. Darius Pittman

I find it very interesting that Anthrop is sitll listed as the starter in the slot, but Moore has clearly taken the job. Purdue has a solid top four in receiving with Moore, Zico, Wright, and Sparks. Anthrop has seen his numbers drop, but still plays a lot. Burgess and Catlett have a combined one catch between them. It also looks as if hopkins has taken over more of a role from Herdman. Hopkins has 17 receptions for 308 yards and two scores. Herdman is at 7 for 93.

DE: 1. Giovanni Reviere 2. Semisi Fakasiieiki

DT: 1. Lorenzo Neal 2. Ray Ellis OR Alex Criddle

DT: 1. Anthony Watts 2. Jeff Marks

DE: 1. Kai Higgins 2. Robert McWilliams III

LB: 1. Markus Bailey 2. Tobias Larry

LB: Cornel Jones OR Derrick Barnes

LB: 1. Derrick Barnes 2. Jaylan Alexander

CB: 1. Antonio Blackmon OR Kenneth Major 2. Kamal Hardy

FS: 1. Navon Mosley 2. Simeon Smiley or Elijah Ball or Cory Trice

SS: 1. Jacob Thieneman 2. Brennan Thieneman

CB: Tim Cason OR Dedrick Mackey

No official changes to the defensive depth chart, but most of these guys are rotating in anyway. The Brothers Thieneman are both playing extensively.


Punter: 1. Joe Schopper 2. Jake Herr

Kicker: Spencer Evans OR J.D. Dellinger

Kickoffs: 1. Spencer Evans 2. Myles Homan

Long Snapper: 1. Ben Makowski 2. Ryan Sadkowski

Holder: 1. Joe Schopper 2. Jake Herr

Kick Returns: 1. Rondale Moore 2. D.J. Knox

Punt Returns: 1. Rondale Moore 2. Jackson Anthrop

Again, no change here. I love Moore on returns. He is going to break one soon. Any time you can give him the football is a good one.