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Redshirt Watch: Purdue’s Football Freshmen

We know Rondale Moore is not redshirting. Who else is not?

NCAA Football: Boston College at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The new redshirt rule in college football has certainly made life interesting. We have already seen a rash of transfers on the back end of seniors that can graduate if they sit out the rest of this year and play elsewhere next season. At Purdue, we have seen a slightly different interpretation as kicker J.D. Dellinger has played in one game, but can redshirt and play two more seasons as long as he does not play in more than three of the remaining games. He would have four games if he wasn’t pressed into service for Spencer Evans’ illness against Boston College.

So who is redshirting, exactly? In this post I will break down which players in each class (scholarship guys only) that have a redshirt available and what their status is. If a scholarship guy is not listed here it is because he has already used his shirt (at least by my tracking).


Ben Makowski, Ethan Smart, Joe Schopper, Markell Jones, Izaac Zico, Ray Ellis, Terry Wright

Makowksi, Schopper, and Jones were all guys that played as true freshmen and never used their redshirt. All three have played in all five games so far, so they are past the point of no return. As for Smart, Zico, Ellis, and Wright, they were all JuCo guys and have been in the rotation. Smart has played the least as a reserve on the offensive line, but it seems unlikely he’ll redshirt. Ellis has played in four games, while Zico and Wright have played in all five.


Kai Higgins, Alex Criddle, Navon Mosley, Lorenzo Neal, J.D. Dellinger

I mentioned Dellinger above, so he is taken care of. The plan certainly appears to be to redshirt him this year and have him for 2019 and 2020 unless Evans falls off a cliff production-wise. Higgins, Mosley, and Neal have already played in five games and will carry the redshirt possibility over to next year as an injury backup. Criddle has been in the rotation at defensive tackle and has played against Northwestern, Boston College, and Missouri, but not against Eastern Michigan or Nebraska. He can play in one more game before a decision is made.

Special Case: Richie Worship

Worship already used his redshirt in 2015, but has been limited in his recovery from a torn ACL to date. It is possible he could apply for a 6th year, but it would have to be after next season and would only apply if he missed all of this season.


Keyron Catlett, Derrick Barnes, Darius Pittman, Cornel Jones, Tobias Larry

All five of these guys have played in all five games so far this season, so they will carry their redshirt possibility over. Barnes and Jones are starters, Pittman has been a solid blocking TE, and Larry has done well as a reserve and on special teams. Catlett is interesting. He is a receiver that has never redshirted, but in 18 games so far he has yet to record a catch. He has played in all five games this year, however.


Here is where I’ll break things down a little differently.

Haven’t Played at All:

Jack Plummer, Kadin Smith, Jack Cravaack, Byron Perkins, Eric Miller, Lawrence Johnson, Will Bramel, Jimmy McKenna, Jordan Bonner, K.J. Stokes, Branson Deen, Jack Sullivan, Amad Anderson, Jordan Rucker, Kory Taylor, Evan Anderson, Payne Durham, Cory Trice, Ja,Quirius Smith

These guys are almost certainly redshirting, but can still play in as many as four games.

Have Played:

Jaylan Alexander, Elijah Ball, Jeff Marks, Rondale Moore, Willie Lane

Alexander has seen action in three games, mostly on special teams, and has one tackle. He will likely keep playing. Marks has played in five games as a reserve and has two tackles. Lane has played in two games thus far and has one tackle. He made his debut against Missouri and has been in the rotation of late. Ball has played only against Eastern Michigan and has no stats, so he could still redshirt. Rondale Moore, of course, leads the Big Ten in All-Purpose yards and might be the Freshman of the Year in the conference. Since he has already played in five games he can’t redshirt and we would be insane to do so.