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Purdue vs. Michigan State Predictions

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Jumbo Heroes (3-4):

I didn’t expect Purdue to beat Ohio State. I picked against them. I however, did not expect the power of Tyler Trent to push the Boilermakers far beyond the finish line and past the #2 ranked Buckeyes. I try not to let one game sway me too much from my priors but I’m struggling to find an equilibrium with this team. I don’t know how good they are, or maybe how bad?

The bad about this game is that it’s at East Lansing after they got trounced by their in-state rivals. That can really make a team hungry for the next game. Also, MSU has one of the best run defenses in not just the league but the nation. Purdue will need to establish a solid passing game in order to even open up the run.

The good is that the Michigan State offense has PROBLEMS. Their QB has a bum throwing shoulder, their running back has been injured, they have injured wide receivers, etc. etc. etc.. If the Purdue defense plays even half as good as they played this past weekend they should be able to shut down Michigan State.

At the end of the day I’m a believer. I trust Brohm, Holt, and the Boilermakers to get things done in East Lansing.

Purdue 42, Michigan State 21

Juan (2-5):

Given how the year started, it’s weird to say that this is a trap game for Purdue, but here we are. MSU is either going to play mad and on fire, or they’re going to be hungover from their Michigan game. While on paper and based on recent results, this should be a game Purdue wins. If it was at home, then yes Purdue should win. But Spartan Stadium has not been kind to Purdue, MSU’s run defense might be the best we’ve faced so far, and this might flip into MSU’s favor in a close game.

Purdue 33, Michigan State 34

Travis (4-3):

I have a good feeling about this. I don’t trust the Michigan State offense. It is both injured and not very good. I think this can be a game where Purdue gets ahead early and the Spartans are playing catch up the rest of the way. Because of that, it can go sideways on them in a hurry. If we can get a few early scores I think we can put them away early.

Purdue 31, Michigan State 17

Casey (1-4):

Last week was... too easy? One of the most joyous coming out parties for a program I can think of. One of the most dominant Purdue performances of my lifetime. Even if Brohms still thin and young team comes apart at the seams a bit and crashes back to earth, I’m not gonna root for it. Hell, I dont even think I’m a believer at this point in what has always been the inevitable. Moore is arguably the best offensive player in the conference, a tiny wrecking ball of explosive plays, and the running game continues to be enough and the defense just shut down the Urbans and all is beautiful. Cancer still sucks.

Purdue 28, Msu 25

Holmes (4-3):

I‘m trying not to get overconfident, and I am sure the actual team is attempting to do the same. However, MSU seems ripe for the picking, and I think this offense will push the MSU defense to their breaking point and their offense is too injured to keep up. Meanwhile, Jumbo Heroes will tweet “Sparty No” in the first quarter and his mother will never speak to him again because even she knows how to use CFB memes better than that.

Purdue 35 , MSU 14

Drew (3-3):

I got you bro. Purdue remains red hot and the defense continues their remarkable improvement . Michigan St. has a hard a time scoring points against air, and their QB is banged up. This is a great match up for the Boilermakers and things get ugly early.

Purdue 35 , MSU 17