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Purdue Football: What True Freshman Will Redshirt?

Let’s take a look at the 2018 freshman class and who appears to be headed to a redshirt.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue had a solid 2018 recruiting class, but which freshmen have played? Which ones are headed to a redshirt? I am here to help. I may be wrong on a few that have or have not been on special teams, so you guys may need to help me with that.

It appears that we will be headed to another big redshirt freshman class. Which is fine, this gives this great staff another year to develop these guys, so they can help us down the road, or even next year, as many RS Fr are helping us this season.

It is important to realize that with the new redshirt rules, players can play up to 4 games and still retain their redshirt eligibility, a rule Coach Brohm wasn’t necessarily in agreement with.

So, let’s start with the guys who are definitely not going to redshirt.

Not Redshirting:

Rondale Moore - 5’9”, 180 Pounds, Wide Receiver - No need to go into detail, the best freshman wide receiver in the nation.

Jeff Marks - 6’3”, 270 Pounds, Defensive Lineman - Has played in all 7 games, totaling 3 tackles on the season. Has be a rotation player on the defensive line.

Jaylan Alexander - 6’1”, 235 Pounds, Linebacker - Has played in 5 games, so, one game over the redshirt limit. On the season he has 2 tackles in his 5 games.

Maybe redshirting (have played sparingly or on special teams):

Willie Lane - 6’3”, 245 Pounds, Defensive Lineman - Has played in 3 games, so he is still eligible to play in one more game this year before deciding if he will redshirt or not.

Elijah Ball - 6’1”, 200 Pounds, Safety/Outside Linebacker - The tweener player has played in two games this season. There was talk of moving him to outside linebacker. Pro tip, on NCAA 14 with the updated rosters, I moved him to OLB and he got about 10 points better overall.

Definite Redshirt:

Jack Sullivan - 6’5”, 255 Pounds, Defensive Lineman

Jack Cravaack - 6’5”, 225 Pounds, Defensive Lineman

Lawrence Johnson - 6’3”, 305 Pounds, Defensive Tackle

Payne Durham - 6’5”, 245 Pounds, Tight End

Eric Miller - 6’7”, 270 Pounds, Offensive Tackle

Will Bramel - 6’6”, 280 Pounds, Offensive Lineman

K.J. Stokes - 6’3”, 250 Pounds, Defensive Lineman

Jimmy McKenna - 6’5”, 275 Pounds, Offensive Lineman

Brason Deen - 6’2”, 250 Pounds, Outside Linebacker/Defensive End

Jack Smith - 6’2”, 215 Pounds, Outside Linebacker

Cory Trice - 6’3”, 195 Pounds, Safety

Jordan Bonner - 6’2”, 200 Pounds, Wide Receiver

Byron Perkins - 6’2”, 185 Pounds, Defensive Back

Kory Taylor - 6’5”, 200 Pounds, Wide Receiver

Jack Plummer - 6’5”, 215 Pounds, Quarterback

Jordan Rucker - 6’, 190 Pounds, Cornerback

Kadin Smith - 6’, 195 Pounds, Defensive Back

Amad Anderson - 5’11”, 180 Pounds, Wide Receiver

This is a rather large class of redshirting players. At the start of the summer, I really did believe that we would see more freshmen play this season. but upper classmen stepped up and filled the voids that I thought we would need true freshmen to play at.

Purdue will have much more depth next year with all of these young guys getting an extra year of practice and weight room work. Look for these guys to make an impact in year two. Especially players in the trenches and in the secondary, where we love to rotate players.