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Drew Brees Gets His 500th Passing TD

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Two weeks ago, Drew Brees surpassed Peyton Manning for the most career passing yards in NFL history. Today, Brees surpassed another milestone as he threw for his 500th passing touchdown as an NFL quarterback:

Drew Brees joins an exclusive club with three other quarterbacks:

  1. Peyton Manning, 539 TDs
  2. Brett Favre, 508 TDs
  3. Tom Brady, 501 TDs
  4. Drew Brees, 500 TDs

At their current rates, both Brees and Brady are expected to surpass Brett Favre shortly. Both are now in a race to beat Peyton Manning’s touchdown record, which could fall next season.

And of course, Drew Brees watched most of last night’s game, and gave a shout out to the #1 Boilermaker, Tyler Trent:

And as Rodger Sherman puts it, it’s been a pretty great weekend as to be a Boilermaker: