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Friday Drankin’: North High Brewing

Columbus has a lot of good beers, especially along High Street.

National League Tiebreaker Game - Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The city of Columbus is really underrated, to be honest. As an NHL fan I do enjoy heading over at least once a season to catch a Blue Jackets game, especially if they are playing the Florida Panthers, my adopted team. Columbus has a very nice downtown core and a lot of quality breweries. Land-Grant, Wolf’s Ridge, and Elevator are among my favorites.

If you head up High Street towatd the Ohio State campus you’ll come across North High Brewing, a quality brewery that distributes all over the state of Ohio.

North High Brewing

1288 N. High Street

Columbus, OH 43201

I have tried a few beers from North High and I have been impressed. They are regularly available at Jungle Jim’s in Cincinnati, but in Columbus you can get some more of their seasonal offerings. Here is a selection of what they currently have avilable:

Hefeweizen - 5.1% ABV - Our hefeweizen is a sessionable German wheat beer with light and refreshing hints of cloves and bananas. Historically, this style has been linked to summers in the biergarten, but our sells strongly all year long, regardless of the weather.

Honey Wheat Lager - 5.8% ABV - Light body, orange hues and a smooth finish develop from brewing with a special honey malt and orange blossom honey.

Oktoberfest - 5.6% - Rich, malty, amber lager. The Vienna malt base creates a biscuity backbone and the melanoiden malt delivers a hint of toastiness.

Tree Tapper - 6.2 ABV - A nutty and toasty brown ale brewed with Ohio-made maple syrup. Not too sweet but incredibly smooth.

Pale Ale - 5.5% - Easy drinking dry-hopped pale ale, showcasing aromas of tropical fruit, citrus and herbs. Drinks like a session IPA, but with the body to balance the hops.

A unique feature that North High offers is that you can reserve one of their brew kettles and brew your own beer with them:

In addition to being a microbrewery and full bar, our customers are able to become brewmasters for a day, creating their own blends of hand crafted beer on our one-of-a-kind Brew on Premises equipment. We have dozens of styles to choose from, and our expert brewers will walk you through the process, ensuring that your batch turns out with the highest level of quality.

Sounds interesting! No wonder Columbus has a great brewery scene. If you’re coming over from Ohio or know someone who is, bring some to tailgate with tomorrow.