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Friday Drankin’: Triptych Brewing

the city may be named Champaign, but we’re drinking local beer.

Opening Night at Erdinger Oktoberfest London - Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Photo by Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Erdinger

I like to keep a growler in my car for when I come across a new brewery. Taking fresh beer home is good, so when I head over to Champaign tomorrow I may have to bring a growler along. There are a couple of local breweries there, but Triptych is the one we’re featuring today.

Triptych Brewing

1703 Woodfield Dr.

Savoy, Champaign Township, IL

Since the Illini are wearing their gray ghost uniforms for tomorrow’s game we’ll begin with one of Triptych’s specialties:

Galloping Ghost - Red IPA 7% ABV - Previously brewed in years past as “RedX”, Galloping Ghost is a red IPA brewed using almost entirely German RedX malt. Hopped with Mosaic and Simcoe hops, the result is a lightly bitter, but malty ale full of stone fruit, toast and pine.

Oktoberfest - Marzen Lager 5.7% - Malty but dry, weighing in at 5.6% ABV, we try to aim for something between the traditional festbiers of the Munich tents and the richer, sweeter stateside Oktoberfest renditions. Brewed using Vienna malt, Caramunich malt, German hops, and fermented with our house lager yeast, we always look forward to the arrival of this beer, even if it is only around for a couple of weeks.

Pretty Nice Little Saturday - Midwest Lager 5.24% - This light lager exhibits a grainy, cracker-like aroma with a hint of spicy noble hops. The flavor is malty with a touch of sweetness and a balancing note of spicy hop bitterness. Soft malty impressions continue through the finish.

A Wizard is Never Late - Eastcoast IPA 8.1% - We took a different road to arrive in this same place. Combining pale British, American, and German malts with copious amounts of Citra and Apollo hops, we’ve once again summoned a familiar. Through the golden haze filled with dank notes of fruit and green, you suddenly recall that our beers always arrive precisely when they mean to... which sometimes means not at all.

It looks like they have a very good mixture of IPAs, lagers, and a couple of specialties according tot heir site. They even have a handful of ciders if that is your thing. If you’re heading over to Chambana tomorrow give them a stop for a pregame fill. They are just 2.1 miles south of Memorial Stadium.