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Purdue vs. Illinois Predictions- Cannon Edition

Purdue v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

Drew Schneider

Illinois isn’t as terrible as I would like them to be. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still bad, but not so bad that they couldn’t beat Purdue if things break wrong for the Boilermakers. They like to run the ball and they have an athletic QB, which makes me a little nervous, but I will not cower to Illinois in football. This thing turns into a track meet, and Purdue has better runners. The defense will pick up enough stops, aided by Illinois penalties, and this thing ends up looking a lot like the Nebraska game.

Purdue 38, Illinois 28

Jumbo Heroes (2-3):

Much like Purdue I have the chance to reach .500 this week with my picks. If I get this one right I have the chance to get back to the Bowl game of picking Purdue games. I think this week looks positive for both of us.

Illinois, and Santa Lovie, have certainly improved from where they were. The offense is much better but that quote the great Kevin McCallister...woof. My hope is that the now fully functioning Brohmfense should be able to tear that poor group apart. Some of the skill players on Illinois scare me a bit. Purdue’s defense has been hit or miss all season so I expect another high scoring game. I think the power of Purdue’s offense will be far more powerful than the Illinois defense.

Purdue 45, Illinois 35

Travis (3-2):

I am kind of nervous about this game, mostly because we lost to Eastern Michigan and the Illini are better than Eastern Michigan. I think there are going to be a lot of points here. Illinois can run the ball well and Purdue has struggled against mobile quarterbacks. The good news is that the Illinois defense has not been very good, and it tends to fade late. It blew second half leads in a big way against Penn State and South Florida. I think David Blough still has a good day and Purdue pulls away late.

Purdue 45, Illinois 35

Juan (1-4):

This is not the same crappy Illinois team we’ve seen in recent years. They’ve certainly improved, and could come out firing against Purdue on Saturday. This is a trap game for Purdue with OSU next week, so hopefully they aren’t looking ahead. Purdue probably wins this game, but they won’t cover.

Purdue 33, Illinois 30

Kyle (3-2):

It is Illinois. I like our man schemes vs their man defense, they don’t have the guys to run with us on their defense. Some of their offensive skill guys worry me, but I have a gut feeling we will force turnovers and take control of this game early on.

Purdue 38 , Illinois 17

Our Cannon.

Holmes (3-2):

Purdue keeps the momentum going with a win, but we’re only a good team, not a great team so I expect a win, not a cover. In other news, Jumbo Heroes will criticize the Illini’s gray ghost uniforms and draw the ire of the The Galloping Ghost’s actual ghost, leading Red Grange to haunt JH and his family for generations to come.

Purdue 34, Illinois 28