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Purdue Vs. Nebraska: 5 Things We Learned

What are 5 things we learned from our win?

NCAA Football: Boston College at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
  • There is no looking back at quarterback.

Over the course of the last 3 games, David Blough has thrown for over 1,000 yard with 9 touchdowns to only one interception. There is no looking back now. Blough has this job locked up for the rest of the season unless he just falls apart. David just has a certain moxie to him that makes him such a good quarterback, he is confident and his teammates are confident in him as well.

  • Defense struggled

The defense struggled against the dual threat quarterback this week. He extended plays when it seemed like we had him wrapped up, he would move around, and run or throw the ball down field. In the first half we didn’t play too bad. But, the 2nd half we were shredded.

  • Is Rondale the best freshman in America?

Rondale Moore is now the centerpiece in every team’s defensive game plan. He has continued to produce anyway. According to PFF, Moore is the highest graded freshman in the nation right now. He is running away with B1G Freshman of the year. But, what about nationally. To me, he is the best freshman, but I am not biased at all.

  • Scott Frost puts foot directly in mouth.

He may have motivated us a bit.

  • Nebraska? More like BooBraska

They boo, at literally everything. This had no implications on the game we played, nor is this something we learned. I just found it, so, so, annoying.