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Purdue Football Recruiting: What Rondale Moore Means to Purdue

Getting an electric wide receiver is only part of the equation.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Purdue Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, Rondale Moore, out of Trinity High School in Louisville, selected Purdue at the US Army All-American game, over offers from Alabama, Ohio State, and Florida State (among a laundry list of other blue blood offeres).

The obvious thing Moore brings to Purdue is speed and versatility. His favorite player is Tavon Austin, and if you want to see how Brohm is going to utilize Moore, check out how Austin was utilized at West Virginia. You’ll see Moore line up in the slot, you’ll see him motion into the backfield, you’ll see him on the jet sweep, you’ll see him in the return game, you’ll probably see him utilized in a way only Jeff Brohm could conjure up.

He brings a play maker to the receiver position that Purdue hasn’t seen since Dorien Bryant. He can score on any play, because he is faster than the defense. He can out run the safety with an angle and he can get to the outside on a linebacker trying to contain the jet sweep. Just his presence on the field will make the defense respect things like the jet sweep motion, opening up running lanes on the inside of the defense. Moore is the perfect fit for Brohm and his offense, and I expect to see him on the field early and often.

Beyond what Moore brings to the field, what he brings in terms of exposure is also significant. I don’t know if Rondale and coach Brohm intentionally held off on his commitment until the All-American game, but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

Purdue football just received an incredible free commercial on national television. One of the best players in the nation picked up a Purdue hat instead of an Ohio State hat. Does that mean Purdue is going to start competing with the O.$.U, Michigan, and Penn States of the, but it certainly helps.

Moore coming to Purdue lets other 4* players know that it’s ok to consider Purdue. Adding a guy like Karlaftis in the 19’ class sends a similar program. The best players in the nation want to play with the other best players in the nation. You start by bringing in one or two in a class and suddenly, they start multiplying like tribbles, and you start bringing in 4 or 5 in a class.

With Moore, Purdue is throwing down a marker in the recruiting world, and while I don’t see Purdue signing any other blue chip recruits in this class (this is not saying I don’t like several other pieces Brohm is bringing in, I’m speaking purely in terms of recruiting rankings), having a guy like Moore in the fold can only benefit in 2019 and 2020 classes.

Purdue has the wind at their backs, in terms of recruiting, and that hasn’t happened in a long time.