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H&R Podcast #31: There Will Be Michigan

The H&R guys get together to discuss the B10 race, who is Purdue’s best player, football recruiting, and more in this week’s podcast.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Iowa Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Hello again. The H&R podcast is back with our first episode of the year.

We had a lot to discuss. We talked about the 15 game win streak, the B10 race, and football recruiting. As well, we previewed the Michigan game and how we match up against the other contending teams in the B10. Drew and Casey try to talk Travis into believing in this team in March and each person picks who they think Purdue’s best player is. Drew gives us some insight on how the recruiting class is shaping up and who on the roster is capable of filling the holes on defense going into next year.

As always, you can find Hammer and Rails podcast on all the normal places you find podcasts. For instance, Itunes. For those of you not devoted to apple, you can find our stream on Soundcloud. Or just scroll a little further down and listen to it right here.