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Purdue Football: Sipe and Plummer to Split QB 1 Reps

While the injuries are healing...

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 27 Foster Farms Bowl Arizona v Purdue Photo by David Dennis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Our two veteran quarterbacks are hurt.

David Blough, our soon to be senior, is still recovering from an ankle surgery he suffered against Illinois.

Elijah Sindelar is now recovering from an ACL surgery that he played the last few weeks on, as we found out right after the Foster Farms Bowl victory.

So, who will be our spring quarterbacks?

Well, the questioned was answered a bit. Coach Brohm said that Nick Sipe and Jack Plummer will split QB 1 reps this spring until his veterans are healthy. Plummer is Coach Brohm’s first quarterback recruit that he actually recruited. He is already on campus attending class.

Sipe, a Hazell recruit, is now a redshirt freshman. The California native has a cannon and great stature. He stands about 6’5”, 225 Pounds. He and Plummer have similar builds.

There was no hiding Coach Brohm feelings on Plummer though, saying things like he is the best quarterback in the nation and was on the top of their recruiting board when it comes to quarterback.

While the time table is still up in air on both Sindelar and Blough, our young gunslingers will get a chance to show case their skills this winter and early spring.

I am looking forward to watching them develop.