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Purdue vs. THE Ohio University

What does everything think after Louisville?

NCAA Football: Louisville vs Purdue
Will Sindelar get his second start of the year?
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Well, everyone picked the right winner last week. Unfortunately, that means Purdue lost. That’s not good for anyone who reads this site. Fortunately, it did appear that Purdue was more prepared for the game against Louisville than any game in the Hazell era. So, do the fellas think Purdue can carry over the play and bring out a win against THE Ohio University on Saturday ermm, I mean Friday?

As for me, I think Purdue will win tomorrow. THE Ohio University isn’t exactly a pushover. I know it’s the MAC but it’s not as if Purdue is in any sort of position to take a team for granted at this point. Purdue needs wins and they can’t pretend to be better than anyone out there regardless of conference. Frankly, that’s the attitude I want my team to have.

The defense was perhaps the most impressive thing to me on Saturday as Purdue did their best to contain the Heisman Trophy winning Lamar Jackson. They didn’t contain him entirely of course but they did slow him. If Purdue can improve incrementally from week to week I expect Purdue to win going away.

Purdue 42

THE Ohio University 24

Juan Says: (1-0)

I get the feeling that Purdue might come out flat to start this game, given the short turnaround after a heartbreaking loss. I wouldn't be surprised if Ohio jumps out to an early 10-0 lead. That said, I think Brohm will get these players to fight until the end and win this game. I think it will be a high scoring affair, and I think Purdue comes out on top, winning their 2nd ever home night game.

Purdue 45

The Ohio University 39

The Legend Says: (1-0)

While last Saturday certainly looked promising, I'm firmly planted in the Juan Crespo school of skepticism. Louisville did whatever they could to give Purdue the game, and Purdue decided they didn't really want it in the 3rd quarter and handed it back to Louisville on a silver platter. I think you'll see both good Purdue and bad Purdue again on Friday. I think good Purdue shows up just enough to squeak out a 27 - 24 victory.

Purdue 27

Ohio 24

T-Mill Says: (1-0)

Purdue looked a lot better than anyone had hoped against Louisville but I am an old Purdue fan. My guard is still up. This is about the time we suffer a crushing 35-17 loss to Ohio because, well, that's what Hope and Hazell would have done. Brohm seems different though. This is where we will learn a lot more about him because a good coach avoids a letdown here and actually builds on last week. If Purdue comes out and wins comfortably I will definitely be excited.

Purdue 31

Ohio 24

Kyle Says: (0-0)

Give me Purdue.

Purdue 35

Ohio 24

Casey Says: (1-0)

Who do we play? Ohio? You know what's fun, last year at this time I probably would have answered it doesn't matter because we were going to lose. Book it. That logic got me all the way to second place behind the warlord in the North in our prediction contest. This year, this year we got Brohm and he got this. BONUS PREDICTION: Blough won't throw an interception this game while sharing snap, and will take over the starting job for the rest of the year causing Schneider to drunkenly curse at his neighbor for hours into the wee early mornings Saturday only to find that his neighbor is actually just a trash can that he's about to puke into.

Purdue 37

Ohio 17

Holmes Says: (1-0)

The Vegas line holds true. Editor’s note: Another bad joke redacted. This one involved landmines.

Purdue 31

Ohio 27