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Purdue Football: Jeff Brohm Radio Show Week 2

Here are a few things I noticed when listening to the Jeff Brohm Show this evening.

NCAA Football: Louisville vs Purdue Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Brohm does his weekly radio show every Wednesday at the Stacked Pickle in West Lafayette, they air it on the local radio stations and I always can catch the ast half of it when I am driving home from my high school football practice.

Things that I caught on my drive home were:

New chrome helmets

Lights at Ross-Ade

More freshmen to play this week

More pressure on the QB is needed

Regarding the chrome helmets:

Coach Brohm believes that they look really sharp, the few that he has seen. They are something different and something that a lot of college teams have done. Just ask Western Kentucky Fans on Twitter, they were super upset at the fact that we took their entire staff, some 5th year guys and now the chrome helmets. As like we were the only school to have done chrome now. If you are looking for a good laugh, head to this feed.

It comes down to this. Things that are different will help recruiting. Chrome helmets, new helmet decals, the new facility, lights in Ross-Ade, an exciting offense a new coaching staff. It all leads to one thing, increased production on the field, which will happen. If Brohm can take the bare cupboard he was left and reel of some wins, it will all pay off.

Lights at Ross-Ade:

Coach said they look great. He loves the design of them as well. I think we can all agree, these are well over due. I am looking forward to having more games of a 4 PM kick off or later - especially when we start winning more football games. Make this an all day event. Big shout out to Morgan Burke for waiting an extra 20 years for these. This is the first night game since Notre Dame, in 2012 I believe. It is also the first Friday night game, should be a great atmosphere. Unfortunately, I cannot attend as I will be coaching, I am there in spirit.

More Freshmen:

Coach said more freshmen will play this week. Not necessarily on offense or defense, but special teams for sure. He said it was vital to get young linebackers on the field, as we lose 3 to graduation and will need their help next year. He is not wrong. Might as well get them game speed if we can. The only way to really learn is to put them in the fire. Some will respond, some will tuck and hide. Special Teams was below average last week, if we have to burn some redshirts to be better, count me in.

More Pressure:

We had 0 sacks on Lamar last week. 0. Yes, he is a runner, so he is hard to contain. But, there were many times where we got pressure and didn’t get the sack, or rushed the wrong shoulder and we allowed him to run around and make plays. Hence why he had over 450 total yards.

This week, the QB is not Lamar, not even close. Getting pressure in passing situations will be vital this week for our Boilers. Lets get it done.