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Uniform SWAG: Purdue Debuts Chrome Helmet vs. Ohio

We’re going full chromedazzle for the first night game at home.

NCAA Football: Indiana State at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Last week we saw a slightly different Purdue helmet with the correctly styled P on it vs. Louisville. It was nice and understated with a matte lettering. Well, this week is certainly not going to be understated. Purdue’s first night game under permanent lights at Ross-Ade Stadium is going to be bright, and Purdue is debuting a gold chrome helmet for the first time ever:

Chrome helmets are all the rage these days. Indiana has its famous chromedazzle helmets. Louisville wore helmets that look like Christmas tree balls on Saturday night against us at Lucas Oil. Oregon, as always, has new helmets and have incorporated chrome for years in different fashions.

This is a new one for Purdue, however. We have almost always had the gold helmets, but the gold chrome actually looks pretty sweet. Not sure what other uniform surprises will be in store this week, but stay tuned. It should be good.