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Purdue Football: No Moral Victories Here

Our guys aren’t buying into the moral victories. They want to win, and win now.

NCAA Football: Louisville vs Purdue Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Moral victories are a thing of the past for this team. You heard it so many times during the Hazell era. “We are almost there. If we would have done this we would have won. We were in close, if a few things went our way, we could have one”. You get my point. The past staff was okay with moral victories. The players were as well.

Not any more.

Kirk Barron - Instagram

Moral victories do not exist anymore. Not with this staff. Not with this team. Not with this captain.

Kirk Barron has become the voice of this Purdue Football team and rightfully so. This is his second full year as our starting center and he is damn good. You can see the post above. He wants no part of “Moral Victories”. You have to bet you wallet the new staff has instilled those thoughts in these players.

Last night, Purdue Football was exciting, hard nosed, gritty and really just fun to watch. Nick Holt’s defense bent, but did not break most of the time. They created turnovers. Sure, Lamar Jackson did what he wanted. But, he is the Heisman trophy winner. Our defense wanted the challenge this team wanted the challenge. We were not afraid of the big stage.

Offensively, Jackson Anthrop was a star. He will be a mismatch in the slot all year in this style of offense we run. The QB competition is up for grabs, as both qbs made plays and both made mistakes. We looked rusty at times and at others times we looked like a fine tuned machine.

Many of my friends said they only saw 2 wins on the schedule for Purdue this season. After last night’s game many are thinking closer to 6.

This team has no interest in moral victories against anyone. Not Louisville, not Ohio, not Michigan, not anyone on our schedule. This staff has our boys believing and that is half of the damn battle. The buy-in effect is a real thing, our guys have bought in. Many times after a change of staff, kids do not buy in. The men who played last night showed they are buying in.

Our players will run through a brick wall for this staff, which could not be said about the previous staff. The best thing about it though. This staff would run through a brick wall for these players. There is a sense of brotherhood on this team that we haven’t seen since the Tiller years.

Purdue Football has the foundation. We will see some wins this year. In the words of Kirk Barron, “F**k a moral victory, we started a new culture”.