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Friday Drankin’: Exploring Indiana Brewing with Danny Boy Beer Works

Let’s visit a new brewery in Carmel.

AFL Grand Final Preparations In Melbourne Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images

This week we are going to do a preview instead of a review. With no Purdue game tomorrow and my secondary team (Miami) playing on Friday night I can be a college football polygamist on Saturday. After doing a few family things we are planning on going to Danny Boy Beer Works in Carmel. This is a relatively new brewery, and it looks like they have some really good selections on tap.

Danny Boy Beer Works

12702 Meeting House Rd.

Carmel, IN 46032

Danny Boy Beer Works is located in the pretentious sounding “Village of West Clay” which is a polite way of saying “We desperately want the prestige of Carmel without having to touch the old parts”. That said, Danny Boy has its roots in Carmel since 2008 according to their About Us page:

In January 2008, Kevin and Lainie realized their dream of starting a pub and opened the doors of The Brockway Public House in Carmel. No grand opening, no press conference, just unlocking the doors to the faithful fans that watched the construction of what became the first Dublin-Industrial Pub in the states. The Brockway features a sophisticated draft beer system, a great selection of beers from local and international breweries, live music and you can always catch the latest futbol match.

It looks like it is a classic Irish pub, but it is also family friendly with a full food menu. Here are some of the ones I am looking forward to trying:

Mac Daddy Scotch Ale – A good scotch ale is very satisfying, and this looks like it will be just that. It packs a punch at 9% ABV, but is a milder 35 IBUS. Robust and malty definitely appeals to my tastes.

Miss Ginger Witte – A nice, smooth urban wheat sounds like a great beer to drink on a fall Saturday while watching football. This one is dry-hopped with citra hops twice and has notes of lemon, coriander, and ginger. It checks in at 5.4% ABV and 21 IBUs.

Training Day – Man up. American pales are an interesting style and I think they have a little more flavor than traditional IPAs, which pack a punch with hops. This is a citrus hopped beer that comes in at 6.5% ABV and 65 IBUs, and is created as their session brew.

So that’s that. I won’t get to try everything, but I am looking forward to trying something new.