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B1G Stats From Saturday’s Loss to Michigan

It was tough to take the loss, but it was still a great day to be a Boilermaker.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Purdue Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

It was tough to take the loss yesterday, but Coach Brohm said it best. The better team won. It is true. We just aren’t there yet. We can get to that level, but it will take a couple of years. Coach Brohm is making lemonade without lemons right now. He needs an opportunity to get his guys here, the main thing we lack right now that Michigan does not lack is depth. They lined up - man to man - and just beat our butts. There is no hiding it.

What are some B1G stats from this game? There are a few that really stick out. Here we go.


Number of people in attendance. The first sellout since 2008, Joe Tiller’s last home game. Also, the first time we have had a competent head football coach as well. Boiler Nation was in full force Saturday. The buzz on campus was second to none. The community is better off when Purdue is playing good football. The hotels were sold out, the parking lots were full and so was the stadium. There is one way to continue to build the program and that is with a fan base that supports the hell out of them, we need the same showing against Minnesota in 2 weeks.


The number of Purdue players ejected in the second half of the game yesterday. Yes, the first one was questionable. But, that one never happens if Bentley wraps up the QB on third and long for a sack earlier in the drive. The second one, was without a doubt a targeting call, it was a hit to the head. Now Bentley and Thieneman both have to sit out the first half of the Minnesota game in two weeks. Which really, really sucks.


Number of sacks we tallied against Michigan yesterday. In the first three games of the season we had a grand total of....1. This shows improvement in the pass rush, which will be vital for us to make a run to a 6 win bowl birth type season.


Navon Mosely notched his first career interception yesterday. It was a huge momentum swinging play where the offense sputtered out. The defense did not play terrible yesterday, the problem is they were just always on the gosh darn field.

Seven & Twenty-Two:

Brycen Hopkins, one of our super talented tight ends has now seven career touchdowns. The twenty-two? That is his career number of catches. Basically, every 3 catches results in a touchdown for Hopkins. Let’s make sure we get him the ball more with that ratio! He and Cole Herdman are both vital points to our offense. They are big, strong, athletic tight ends.

While we took the L yesterday, the players and staff had to be encouraged by the turnout of fans at Ross-Ade. In two weeks, we need the same type of turn out to beat Minnesota at home, let’s make sure that we sink the boat!