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Quick Game Wrap: UM 28 PU 10

Boilermakers run out of stream

NCAA Football: Michigan at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue drops a hard fought game to the Wolverines, 28 to 10, as talent eventually wins the day for Michigan.

Purdue put up a gallant fight, leading the game at the half 10 to 7, but the Boilermaker offense could never get it going, despite Brohm throwing everything, including the kitchen sink at the Wolverines. The Michigan defensive line dominated the day, shutting down any semblance of a running game, and constantly harassing the Purdue quarterbacks.

Purdue relinquished the lead mid third quarter on a drive the included a miraculous John O’Korn escape and a questionable targeting penalty on Jacob Thieneman. The Wolverines eventually punched it into the endzone on a tiring Purdue defense.

Once Michigan grabbed the lead, it was all over but the targeting penalties, as Bentley picked up a targeting penalty on another play that was targeting by the letter of the law, but rather unavoidable, as Bently turned the corner, found himself unblocked and ran into the QB almost instantaneously. Purdue has had some pretty terrible luck this year in terms of the capricious enforcement of the targeting call.

Regardless of the penalties, in the end, Michigan was just the better football team. Purdue made the game interesting, and showed consistent effort throughout the game, despite being physically dominated at times, but as it is with most games, this was more about the Jimmies and Joe’s and not the X’s and O’s.

Don’t lose heart Boilermaker fans, Michigan is the 8th ranked team for a reason. Most Big10 teams don’t have this talent level, and if Ross Ade continues to rock, Purdue will increase their talent level sooner, rather than later.