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Purdue Football Gets the Mackey Treatment

Wait... we camp for football now?

Courtesy of @tylrtrent

Meet Tyler Trent. Tyler’s Twitter bio lists him as a future 2021 Purdue graduate and the host of “Completely Unrelated”, a podcast devoted to things that are in no way related to each other.

That seems appropriate because Purdue-Michigan does not kick off for another 16+ hours, yet Tyler is camped out just outside of Ross-Ade Stadium hoping to get tot he front row of the 11,000+ seat student section tomorrow.

Normally this is what happens in January and February for huge basketball games in Mackey Arena, where seats are more scarce and the passion for Purdue basketball runs wild. We’re a basketball school and have been for awhile. To my knowledge, this is the first time this has ever happened for football and I was there for the Brees era.

Folks, this is uncharted territory. We have been dying for excitement football for more than a decade. It has taken three games for Jeff Brohm to turn that excitement back on.

And really, this is respect for Michigan. We’re never going to be Michigan. They are struggling, yet still ranked 8th and undefeated. Beating a program of their caliber is always going to be big for Purdue, especially when we have only done it 14 times. A win tomorrow would be a major surprise and send us all into euphoria. We’re probably going to be sent back down to earth with a loss after enjoying a nice week of attention with the hot start Brohm has pulled off.

If Purdue does pull off the upset tomorrow I hope Tyler leads the charge onto the field.