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Purdue Basketball Scholarship Grid Update

Let’s take a look at how the scholarship situation stands with Dowuona on board.

NCAA Basketball: Indiana at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Matt painter is not done with his 2018 recruiting class, as it has always projected to be a larger one. The late night commitment of Emmanuel Dowuona was the second in the 2018 class, and like Trevion Williams before him, he can sign during the early period when it begins on November 8th.

So let’s take a look at the scholarship grid:

Purdue Basketball Scholarship Grid as of 9/20/2017

Player ('17-'18) ('18-'19) ('19-'20) ('20-'21) ('21-'22)
Player ('17-'18) ('18-'19) ('19-'20) ('20-'21) ('21-'22)
Vince Edwards Senior
Dakota Mathias Senior
Isaac Haas Senior
P.J. Thompson Senior
Jacquil Taylor RS Junior RS Senior
Ryan Cline Junior Senior
Carsen Edwards Sophomore Junior Senior
Eden Ewing Junior Senior
Matt Haarms RS Freshman RS Soph. RS Junior RS Senior
Aaron Wheeler Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Nojel Eastern Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Sasha Stefanovic Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Trevion Williams Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Emmanuel Dowuona Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Scholarships Used 12 10 7 6 2
Scholarships Left 1 3 6 7 11

As you can see, Purdue still has three spots open for the 2018 class, and even one for this coming season. Barring a last second, Jon Octeus like grad transfer that remaining scholarship for 2017-18 will likely go to Grady Eifert again. he was on scholarship this past year since we had one left over, and coach Painter has granted walk-ons the courtesy scholarship if we have had them open before.

Things get interesting after this season since Purdue has four seniors. Purdue only has 10 spots committed for 2018-19 as it stands now, but that can shift. Jacquil Taylor is a wild card, as he would be entering his 5th year that season. He would also be a very strong candidate for a 6th year medical hardship to come back in 2019-20, but he cannot apply for that until after the 2018-19 season. There is also the possibility he can get his degree and leave, but if he plays extensively this coming season as expected that seems less likely.

We also don’t know if any of the incoming freshmen will redshirt. Sasha Stefanovic and Aaron Wheeler seem like the most likely candidates, but we just do not know. That will be settled after the exhibition and secret scrimmage vs. West Virginia (which we DO NOT talk about).

As far as who gets the three remaining spots, here are some of the targets Painter is still pursuing:

Eric Hunter - 6’3” guard - Indianapolis Tindley - If there is a “next” player to commit I would bet on it being Hunter. Purdue has been after him a long time, he has already come on an official visit, and the Boilers seem to be in a good position for him. He is supposed to visit Little Pitino and Minnesota at the end of the month. he was also a state champion with Tindley at the Class 2A level this past season.

Louis King - 6’7” forward - Hudson Catholic (NJ) - I was surprised when Purdue made his top 8 and shocked when we made his top 5. We’re definitely still in the running here, and if Purdue can get an official visit then who knows. he played with Carsen Edwards earlier this summer at the U-19 World Cup in Egypt and it seems like he hit it off iwth our sophomore guard. King is the No. 23 player nationally according to Rivals, a 5-star, and possible McDonald’s All-American. Needless to say, he would be a huge pick up.

Tyger Campbell - 6’ guard - LaLumiere School - Campbell recently reclassified as a 2018 prospect and is No. 66 nationally according to Rivals. Purdue has been involved with him before and needs a point guard, so it would seem he is the no. 1 target there. naturally, as a 4-star there is a lot of competition, but we have had some luck in the past with LaLumiere.

Those are the only ones I know Purdue is at least pursuing so far, and there is a lot to shake out yet. This can end up being a very good class in the end. If we got the above three it would be a GREAT class.